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Climbing Mount Ulriken, Bergen, Norway

Having climbed half way up Mount Ulriken to reach Hostel Montana, I completed the climb in the morning. It had clouded over, but was dry. As Britain had finally started to warm up after a long winter, it was also cold, with temperatures only just above freezing.

Mount Ulriken, Bergen’s Highest Mountain

Mount Ulriken is the highest of seven mountains forming a natural amphitheatre inland from Bergen’s sea.

Ulriken is 643 m (2,110 ft)  high; about half the altitude of Britain’s highest mountain: Ben Nevis is 1,344 metres (4,409 ft). Norway‘s highest peak is Galdhøpiggen at 2,469 m (8,100 ft).

Mount Ulriken peak path.
Mount Ulriken peak path.
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Climbers, city and sky.


Frozen lakes visible from Mount Ulriken peak.
Frozen lakes visible from Mount Ulriken peak.
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TV tower on Ulriken.
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Mount Ulriken map and details.
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Bergen city, sea and fjord from Ulriken peak.

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