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Hiking Bergen South: Waterfall, Lake, Church, Sun and Storm

Heavy rain, sleet and snow fell in the afternoon. Although this would normally have been bad news, I was quite happy about it. It made me glad I’d climbed Mount Ulriken in the morning; and provided a perfect excuse to sit by the radiator enjoying the morning’s achievement while watching the inclement weather.

It cleared late afternoon, so I went out for a walk. As I’d hiked from the north to the hostel, and planned to return north to see the city centre, I headed south.

I had a nice walk, seeing some ordinary Bergen neighbourhoods, and reaching a hill with views quite far south to a lake. And the hike came in handy a few days later, after I returned to Mount Ulriken and descended from its heavy snow and cloud covered top in an unknown direction.

Here’s some photos of my southerly walk:

Waterfall runs between houses.
Waterfall runs between houses.
Lake Nesttunvatnet visible from my end point.
Lake Nesttunvatnet visible from my end point.
Landas church through a greenygrey fence.
Landas church’s greenygrey roof viewed through a greenygrey fence.
Scandinavia 058
Storm and sun over Bergen.

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