Bergen Photos: Hiking Ulriken to Bryggen

On my third day I returned to the centre of Bergen, having only seen a little of it the first time, when I arrived at the bus station. Heading straight to Bryggen, I ended up going left and circling around Nordnesparken park. I had all day, so wasn’t bothered, and it was a nice detour.

In a double-day simultaneous blogcast with the Greenygrey I’ve divided the photos into pre-Bryggen (the UNESCO site old docks) today, and Bryggen tomorrow; and non-greenygrey photos here and greenygrey ones over at the greenygrey blog… although there is some greenygrey in these too!

Hopefully you’ll like them so much you’ll visit both blogs on both days. Here’s this site’s pre-Bryggen:

Bergen Photos

Scandinavia 060
Looking back at Mount Ulriken from east of Bergen’s centre, and west of a North Sea arm reaching into the city.
Scandinavia 064
Logen Theatre and garden, Bergen.
Scandinavia 068
Sardine Factory, Bergen.
Scandinavia 071
Storm over Sandviken, looking north from Bergen’s western Nordnesparken park promontory.
Scandinavia 088
Bergen old town alley.

Greenygrey blog pre-Bryggen:

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