Travel to Cienfuegos, Cuba

Thanks for continuing to visit this site in the absence of new material. Your visits inspired me to stop waiting around to visit a scanner, and to photo my photos instead. I think they produced some quite arty looking shots.

After Havana and Vinales I travelled south to Cienfuegos. These three photos I uploaded to Google are from my bus journey, when we stopped at a café rest stop.




Cienfuegos Memories

Cienfuegos reminded me of Miami, Florida with lots of colourful buildings, wide blocks of housing and malls, a baseball stadium and yacht club, and long seafront promenades. It’s centre is a UNESCO heritage site.

There were mountains to the south, along with smoke-bellowing industrial chimneys.

I saw dolphins swimming in the bay, and did a couple of scuba dives amongst big pillars of coral off Rancho Luna resort.

I sat on the seafront under clear star-filled sky, and had a few beers in bars.

I stayed at a nice flat with two loyal party members who’d done well, but also met people complaining about their poverty.

Here’s a few photos. The first one is of a statue of popular Cuban singer Benny Moré under a Che Guevara placard.

Cienfuegos Photos

101_3761 101_3762 101_3763

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