Grenfell Government – Immigration Balance Needed

I signed a petition for better sprinkler systems in multi-storey housing yesterday, and added this statement on Facebook:

I want safe housing for everybody, which I think depends on both a responsible government policy, and limits on immigration so there is enough room and funds for those needing social housing in this country. If there are too many people, and not enough housing and money, then disasters like this are more likely to happen.

Immigration a Factor on Public Spending

However the Grenfell disaster happened, it wasn’t directly caused by immigration, but it may have risen the number of casualties: that of course wasn’t the fault of the people involved.

However, the exponential rise in immigration over the last twenty years may have been a factor, as there is less public money to go around, and more people to accommodate – thus, less money for each housing complex. I don’t know if there should still be enough money to go around, but just going from logic, it seems as if it must be a factor?

New Labour left parliament with a note saying they’d spent all the money. Corbyn’s Labour plans to spend even more, as well as having an open borders policy on immigration, without explaining where the money’s going to come from… increasing our deficit for future generations? Are the Conservatives now spending money on the right things? I don’t know.

Immigration Causes Environmental Problems

There was a similar problem after the tragic death from asthma of a girl, and the mother was reported as suing the government because of pollution in London, claiming it as a causal factor.

I have particular sympathy for the mother and daughter in this case, as I have suffered asthma most of my life, and had many nearly all sleepless nights when young, sitting up in bed because it was too uncomfortable to lie down, maybe falling asleep in the end, but only when too tired. I had to have the doctor up to the house a few times in emergencies when young, while on the road I had a couple of bad attacks after getting colds in damp conditions.

I don’t know if the mother’s case has gone ahead, or if it’s been successful if it has, but I think it should only go ahead and be successful if the mother is also calling for controls on immigration, rather than just criticising the government for their policy.

Hong Kong (when U.K.) and Dubai Examples

What’s this got to do with travelling you may ask. Well, I’ve stayed in a lot of dodgy places while travelling the world on a shoestring. I lived on the 16th floor of Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong for a few months in 1990, and we used to joke about what a death-trap it was renowned to be, and how we’d have no chance if there was a big fire. It was more of a hotel and shopping complex than just housing, but Grenfell reminded me of it.

Then after Grenfell, a similar housing skyscraper in Dubai went up in flames in a similar way, and there were no fatalities.

What was the difference between Dubai and Grenfell/Chungking? I don’t know for sure, but it seems to have been a properly planned construction without cutting costs. Dubai is a rich country anyway I think, but the United Arab Emirates also has a strict immigration policy, and weren’t even taking refugees from Syria the last I heard – compared to Europe taking millions.

Politics and construction should be about good planning and decisions, creating the best conditions for the most people possible with the money available, not just piling as many people as possible up in dangerous conditions – if things go wrong, the survivors are just likely to sue anyway, and need compensation, taking away even more public funds.

In contrast, the government has apparently been reluctant to compensate child victims of the grooming epidemic that was ignored for a decade or two, mostly under New Labour, who started off the era of mass-relatively-uncontrolled immigration.


The main point of this blog post has been to call for a proper government strategy to make sure there are no more skyscraper deaths like Grenfell. I think that means having strict rules on immigration and building, and not an anarchic system either on borders or in building – more like my writing career than my building one, as I was a bit of a headless chicken cowboy labourer there – which does sound a bit like my spontaneous prose coffilosophy I suppose, but I have learnt to structure and format it as well, and am proud of my book constructions.

I hope all the innocent and good victims of Grenfell get their lives back on track, and the mother of the asthma victim gets the justice she deserves, but I also want the best for my demographic, and think we’ve been overlooked and largely ignored all my life – from the attacks against the unions in my 1980s youth, through New Labour neglecting us, to the Con-Dem cuts and now being caught in the middle of Conservatives being more interested in cutting public spending and Corbynistas catering more for race and immigration than class and tradition.



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