Athens Football and Heavy Metal Disco Birthday 1987: Beautiful Women, Pagan Luddite and Not Being Served

For my 22nd birthday I had a fun package of being immersed in Athens youth life, watching an Athens team in European Competition before going to a heavy metal disco, seven years after becoming a big rock music fan. That was thanks to hitching, a German archaeologist who gave me a lift, and an Athenian who shared that last lift of my over month long journey from the U.K.

Connoisseur of Beautiful Women (to my Taste)

This page of diary also contains evidence that I’ve always appreciated the beauty of women, and especially their faces. It also counters those who try to lower it to seedy sleaziness. Like most of the heavy metal bands I liked, and most men I’ve met or heard about (including Professor Stephen Hawking, who was the inspiration for the greenYgrey world’s werewolf scientist Stephen Wolfing [Penthouse subscription and affair while working at university! But still love his work and admire and respect his mind and life] after watching the The Theory of Everything movie last week), there can be that element too, but I’m not one-dimensional, and think I appreciate the beauty of women more than most men – the women I like anyway, and Hawking likes! – with perhaps other men appreciating more types of women.

I’m not saying I’m right or wrong, superior or inferior, I’m just saying that’s why I am the way I am, and living as I am; writing about it may make it seem as if I want to change or prompt something to happen, but in reality I’m just writing about it because it’s true.

Athens Day Themes 

It also shows me having more luck with life, people and a dog; than things: plastic bottle and cars; in line with my recurring thoughts of being a pagan Luddite in a self-parody way; maybe there’s more to it than I realise; or can know?

It also shows me being refused service. I just accepted it and went elsewhere. At the time I probably thought it was out of order, but now with a middle-aged mind, and the way the U.K. and world is now, I understand it more. It was only a little blip anyway, and I felt Athens had been good to me, and I’d had a great experience socialising with my fellow youths doing two of my favourite pastimes.

If the U.K. and world had become the peaceful loving utopia I wanted then I would have thought it more out of order. If people don’t think that’s what I wanted, then they’re wrong. I did see myself as being on the guardian side of the counter-culture, more eco-warrior than flower-powerist, like Guns N’ Roses etc, but I did want those things for Blighty and the world. I still do, but have a more pragmatic approach to it all now!

Scan_20170911 (12)_LI

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