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Jersey: Liberty at Last… Joy of Free Writing… Later Realising Stream of Consciousness Connections…

After I posted the last blog post, written as usual in a coffilosophy haze of stream of consciousness spontaneous prose a la my literary hero Jack Kerouac (for his travel – writing ground-breaking style, which I can only follow, as I am later in time; then because I thought we looked similar at times!) I realised my addition about resembling a pagan statue of liberty had brought the article around to a big theme on Jersey: liberty.

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Jersey Liberty

Liberty is a big theme on Jersey, because it was occupied during World War Two. There’s a Liberty Square in the middle of Saint Helier, the bus service is called Liberty, and there’s a big brewery called Liberty too.

The greenYgrey comedian in me thinks of Catherine Tate’s Nan character’s catchphrase ‘What a ******* liberty’; while the greenYgrey critical theorist is glad Haut de la Garenne has now been liberated (I wrote a poem about it after it first became news in 2007/2008; and it is included in my first poetry collection).

Ironically, the adults on Jersey were cool, while some of the children and childish youths were the biggest pain; while others seemed ‘fans’, and were therefore lovely. The former do make me wonder why I bothered trying to support them, but then I remember they are only children/youths, and therefore childish, so I should tolerate them… in the name of ‘liberty’!

Jersey Hiking Liberty Joy

Although the roads can be quite busy, with a growing population, drivers still respect those going at a slower pace, such as me walking; horseriders and cyclists. I found some nice coastal paths on the north of the island too. I did a twenty miles walk one day, to Saint Aubins church from Rozel Bay and back, via Gorey Castle and La Hougue Bie.

I posted most of the photos in the last post, but here’s some from the western side of Saint Aubins Bay, which has an impressive long golden sand beach, which I walked along to the west, as far as the fort and church; but was totally under water on my return, as the sun set at high tide: