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Elon Musk on Sales and Commission: 3rd of Rocket Man Trilogy

In what has turned out to be the third of an Elon Musk Rocket Man quotes trilogy, with the first featuring quotes relevant to my writing decade, and the second featuring his environmentalism quotes, the third and last contains quotes on his business outlook, which I also agree with.

Business Image and Reality

While Musk looks like a businessman, and those with long hair etc have cool connotations, as I wrote in a previous Guns N’ Roses hard sell blog post, many hippies (Richard Branson), punks (Malcolm McLaren) and rockers (Gene Simmons) can be very money orientated, and have a ‘ruthless’ business outlook.

If they don’t to start with, many develop one, sick of being ripped off in a cutthroat world, such as Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses. If you don’t, people like Kim Fowley of The Runaways exploitation notoriety will probably try to take advantage.

The greenYgrey media company was the perfect ‘business model’ because I was the only one who controlled and contributed to it. I ended it after a decade because I wanted to keep it that way. The ‘greenYgrey spirit’ is gone to that special place in the sky now, but I will always be inspired by it.

Elon Musk Business Model

While I’ve been writing the last decade, and a little bit more, I’ve had a couple of customer service jobs that have added a ‘sales policy’ to the role.

I have continued to work like the Elon Musk ‘sales policy’ and the companies have not punished me for it, although I did leave the first after being sent to extra sales training.

Although I don’t agree with mainstream businesses hard selling, I think the ‘counterculture’ is often just as bad, such as people trying to get a piece of the greenygrey cake, thinking there was lots of money in it when there was next to none (!), or even worse when they phone vulnerable people to rob them of their life savings, or pretend to be romantically interested to groom them into a life of slavery.

Some of them convinced their sheepish minions that I was a weak and wimpy old man in my 30s (twenty years ago):

Scan_20171008 (3)

Compared to that, companies trying to dodge tax or overselling their products seems benign, but I still don’t agree with it, and so was overjoyed to read Elon Musk’s ethical business model (I don’t know if it’s true or not, and Musk does admit to being a hard owner, inflicting redundancies when he thinks they’re needed).

Elon Musk Rocket Man Quotes

Retail Locations, p. 69. Our stores are designed to be informative and interactive in a delightful way and are simply unlike the traditional dealership with several hundred cars in inventory that a commissioned salesperson is tasked with selling. Our technology is different, our car is different, and, as a result, our stores are intentionally different.

Sales Philosophy, p. 70. [Our salespeople] are not on commission and they will never pressure you to buy a car. Their goal and the sole metric of their success is to have you enjoy the experience of visiting so much that you look forward to returning again.

Service Philosophy, p. 70. The best way to experience service is, of course, not to experience service.
I have made it a principle within Tesla that we should never attempt to make servicing a profit center. It does not seem right to me that companies try to make a profit off customers when their product breaks.

Elon Musk’s Rocket Man and Marc Latham’s books are available on Amazon.