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Mimi Beyond Me Me Coffilosophy

When I saw a news report about Mimi Anderson setting off on her latest endurance challenge I thought her accomplishments and ambitions were amazing, and it reminded me of Jane Tomlinson, who inspired me to take up long-distance running in 2003.

Simply Endurance Running 

Although she is slim and blonde I have no interest in her sexually as I know her now. That could have been different under different circumstances, in a different time, but as I write this here and now, my only interest in her is as an impressive endurance athlete.

It is better for women that they accept that, but some it seems an insult. They’d rather think that all men are powerless to resist all women; preferring serial cheats and womanisers, like Russell Brand; as long as they’re not going out with them anyway!; to men who try and show that men don’t have to be like that; usually they are like that because they choose to be, or think they can be, and get away with it!

It is also better for gay men to accept me and others like me as liberal minded heterosexuals, rather than trying to out me, and make me into just another gay man supporting gay rights, because it’s in my own interest!

Once the ‘minorities’ or ‘under- privileged’ think they’ve got a ‘majority’ they seem to just start acting like power-crazed ideology-fascists like the traditional white upper classes they’ve been rebelling against since the 1950s. I was a part of that rebellion for about twenty years, but then when I look like the people I was rebelling against the new rebels start rebelling against me: I was quite similar to oh J.C. (Jeremy Corbyn; in political outlook rather than sexual taste!), but now the left reek of ignorance, prejudice and hypocrisy.

Mimi and Me

While most women seem to think I want to be with them, or doing their jobs, I would much rather be running across the U.S.A. like Mimi Anderson. It seems our endurance careers were quite parallel in starting age and time, but Mimi’s done much more and better than me.

From the bio on her run U.S.A. website she started in 2000, aged 36, and is now 53.

I started in 2003, aged 37, and ended last year in Latvia and Leeds aged 50.

Mimi has done much more than me, and probably has a natural ability higher than mine. She probably has a lot more support than me, and a lot less negativity. Mimi is collecting for a couple of charities: Marie Curie and Free to Run.

I could probably have done a lot more if I’d had the motivation; for myself and my demographic; but I was delighted to achieve my ambition of running a marathon every three years until 50, and adding an ultra-marathon just before the end.

There are many men from my demographic who have done more than I could have and received media coverage anyway, such as Tony ‘The Fridge’ Phoenix-Morrison, who did 40 marathons in 40 days with a fridge with a weight of 42 bricks on his back.

My Charity Ambitions were/are Genuine

I was delighted to hear on the news this morning that Premier League footballer Wilfrid Zaha gives 10% of his money to charity, after fellow professional Juan Mata had called on his colleagues to give 1%.

The news story I saw showed Mimi leaving with a big bag full of coffee sachets, and she is still doing well. I hope she achieves her current ambition and many more.

My running lost me most of my muscles and bulk, but improved my breathing and health. A decade ago I ran my first marathon without taking the asthma inhaler beforehand, and also while camping in a tent in the Arctic Circle for a week before and after it. My ‘day-job company’ thankfully gave me £500 for the Jane Tomlinson charity, showing how the ‘corporate world’ can be much more generous than the ‘counterculture’, which is often very individually greedy and selfish, sometimes due to the poverty of living freely, although not-for-profits can be good and beneficial when run well, and not for the high salaries of the organisers!

Sorry if this blog post looks like I’ve got a cross/chip on my shoulder, and thanks to all those who supported me in my running years, and those who support the events! I’d like to join you, but don’t think I’m a ‘nice’ enough person; not in still-classist/reverse-sexist/reverse-racist modern Blighty anyway!!

msm photo2

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