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Iceland: XaW Files Finale Success Story

The last fourteen episodes of my last of a trilogy of the new concept of fantasy fiction by web travel, XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, take place in Iceland. Reading an article on the Matador travel website, it seems that Iceland has become very popular since XaW Files was published nearly two years ago, angering some of the locals, who want a quieter life, and some of the tourists, who wanted to feel ‘beyond humanity’ in solitude.

I can understand greenYgreyliens wanting to see greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple living in gYgPOP peace and harmony!

Iceland and Britain Island Comparison

It seems to me, with a certain amount of self-parody, that my XaW Files has had a similar effect on Iceland as the London Olympics did on dear ol’ Blighty, especially from Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony, which provided a social history of Britain I enjoyed and liked.

Maybe like XaW Files, it was too good for its own good, fuelling more people wanting to emigrate to this sceptred isle, (like many words and phrases in my greenYgrey trilogy, one I thought I knew the general meaning of, but had to check with the web (dear ol’ Wikipedia winning again) to make sure it was right) which then resulted in more local anger, and the Brexit vote.

It shows what a fine greenYgrey balance there is in society, and my honesty about my general knowledge being backed by web research shows that it’s in creating concepts such as greenYgrey, POP and coffilosophy that I think I have some genius, and therefore self-proclaim it, with a certain amount of self-parody humility.

Iceland Football Success

XaW Files: Beyond Humanity was written between 2013 and 2015, and that corresponded with Iceland, a country of about 350,000 people, qualifying for their first competition finals during 2014 and 2015; results on Wikipedia. Moreover, Iceland then did well at Euro 2016; unfortunately there was a sting in the tail for my Blighty, as their biggest win was over England!

Iceland’s amazing story continued in 2016 and 2017, as they became the smallest population country to qualify for a World Cup, Russia 2018.

I don’t really think XaW Files helped Iceland, although I don’t know for sure, and think all the credit is deserved by the players, coaches, football and country systems.

I don’t really think XaW Files has fuelled Iceland’s popularity, although I don’t know for sure, but will joke: sorry to those who want a quiet Iceland, but I’m keeping XaW Files on sale for now, and still free to download on Kindle.