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Junbesi Nepal Monastery and Hoopoe Photos

In Junbesi, at the end of day 4 on a Jiri-Gokyo Everest view trek, a European couple who’d also stayed overnight in Goyom after trekking from Kinja asked their guide/porter to visit the main monastery.

Junbesi, Nepal, Photos

The guide/porter arranged a meeting with the lama, and a rainbow appeared behind him soon after he joined us.

Junbesi was the biggest community since Jiri, and many trekkers were staying two nights there.

Hoopoe Photo

I saw a colourful strange bird on the washing-line from the Apple Garden lodge and made it out to take the third from bottom photo.

I later found out it’s a hoopoe, and there’s a couple of zoomed photos at the end.

pray flag Nepal 045 Nepal 048 Nepal 049 Nepal 050 hoopoe2 hoopoe

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Bhandar, Nepal, Everest View Trek Photos

In the morning the mountain of the night before was visible. After breakfast at the friendly family-run lodge the second day was a mostly downhill trek to Kinja. The Buddhist monastery in photos 4 and 5 was in Bhandar. Sherpas carrying massive weights were always awe-inspiring.

Nepal Himalayas Jiri-Gokyo Photos

Nepal 028 Nepal 029 Nepal 030 Nepal 031 Nepal 032 porter