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Hiking Inland from Faro, Portugal

On the Sunday I went for a stroll inland. I enjoyed the quiet roads and strong sunshine, so continued farther than intended. I could see a town in the distance, just before the mountains that constituted the horizon (as seen in the second photo). So I carried on to Conceicao, which took a couple of hours.

Faro-Conceicao, Portugal Hike

I did that for no other reason than because I was enjoying the walk, and its position at the end of the plain provided a tempting target distance.

I had avoided the beach because it was a bus ride away from Faro, and sun cream was very expensive. I’d thought I could gradually brown, but by the time I reached Conceicao I was already burning!

The last bus back to Faro was leaving just after I arrived. I didn’t take it. I walked around the village, seeing the crowd after a church service (penultimate photo), and some mansion gardens that were closed (last photo).

I had a couple of beers in a cafe and hiked back, sheltering my face and neck from the sun as much as possible! It had been a nice day and walk, but I was left with a red face!!

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