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Travel the Mind, Better to Unwind

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but there seems a correlation between what separates our brains (minds) from open air and our planet from space: a protective casing around our brains; the skull; and the atmosphere around our planet. Moreover, neither are fully closed.
Open to the Universe
Furthermore, while they protect us, they also give the impression of separation. Clouds and sunlight in the sky, and clothes and faces on us can increase the divide. Walls and rooves provide another separating layer when indoors.
It’s a well-known maxim of new-age spirituality; inspired by old philosophy I think; that we’re all connected to everything around us, but my thoughts above are new to me as I write.
Travel Pros and Cons
Travel can take you to places where you can feel a good connection; quiet clear sky locations, such as mountains, beaches and deserts.
However, famous locations are often crowded and noisy, so you can often achieve just as much escape and more quiet staying home or local.
Moreover, you don’t cause any environmental or life damage then either. While I admire and often relate to people who start new lives in the wild, they nearly always end up destroying/killing some life.
Angry Transcendence My Beach Boys Love Now
Before writing this blog post I wrote this on the Rose Tattoo Facebook page, introducing my new poem on this site’s sister site, fmpoetry.wordpress.com blog:
Rose Tattoo were one of my biggest inspirations to write poetry, as I declared in my first collection. While it was the angry street songs then, I’m just as interested in Angry’s spirituality now, and attempts at transcendence through music, as he declared in an interview featured in the Easybeats to AC/DC documentary.
Seeing him on stage last year before seeing the documentary, knowing he was into the Bahia faith, I thought he was in a transcendent state, with eyes closed a lot of the time; riding the music during songs, or travelling the past through his mind while talking; like a scarred for life shaman (I quite like that; hope you do too).
I think I have travelled a similar path while writing, but mine is of course simply the writing stage, without the added stimulation of performing a highly successful and appreciated creative catalogue in front of many people. Today, it’s where I’ve been writing this. Yesterday, my stream of consciousness coffilosophy, was this ‘live thought’ on the writing process for my fmpoetry blog.
No Eminem: Slim Shady
While I admire a lot of musicians I don’t have any kind of delusions about them, as depicted by Eminem with Slim Shady.
In fact, I now consider myself too old and rational to rock n’ roll much! After seeing a Beach Boys concert just over a year ago, and looking them up, I related to the warmth of Denis Wilson, the tragic party animal who died young and was the only real beach boy in the group. After reading his nemesis in the group was Mike Love, a much more rational colder man I wanted to side with Denis. I wrote about it on fmpoetry.
However, I now feel more in line with Love, who practises transcendental meditation. I stilly feel empathy and sympathy for Denis Wilson, and admiration for Brian, the genius of the band, but at this moment in time, I am more in mind of Love; mentally that is!
While Mike Love seems quite a cold character, Angry Anderson seems the opposite, but also expressed his desire for transcendence through his music on the Easybeats to AC/DC: The History of Aussie Rock documentary recently shown on the BBC.
I am still greenYgrey enough to think it could all be in my mind, inspired by the one and only Love the mixed-up vole, the anagram that some (neurons in my mind!) consider, stole the XaW Files: Beyond Humanity show!

Super Moon Between Two Successful Sunrise and Sunset POPs: sMs

There was a hat-trick of sky beauty yesterday and today, as a POP (PinkyOrangePurple) sunset was followed by clear sky for the super moon, and then this morning there was another sensational POP sunrise, starting at about 7.45am, before the sun rose about twenty minutes later – and then it was time to look away.

In greenYgrey (gYg) acronym parlez the sunrise-moon-sunset would be shortened to sMs, with sms also an acronym for short message service – a recent BBC news feature was about why people still text. A photo from Washington featured on MSN seemed to include them all together in one; what could be called a POP moon:

Screenshot (253)

POP Skies the new POP Music

The heading of the article reminded me of the song Dancing in the Streets, with Mick Jagger and David Bowie including a lot of great greenYgreying in their video; especially Jagger’s clothes.

Replace ‘summer’ with ‘winter’, ‘dancing’ with ‘POPing’ (pronounced popping), and ‘music’ with ‘clear skies’, and you’ve got a great POP version!

This is all written from a parody comedy angle of course. I don’t want to replace pop or rock music, especially with the greenYgrey world in the human one ending in the ABBA age!

Next month there’s a wolf moon and blue moon. As expertly explained on BBC news this morning, the wolf moon derives from Native American culture, as wolves are said to howl more poignantly in cold January, when food is scarce and they struggle to survive; while the blue moon is because it’s the second one in January, falling on the last day, so February will not have one, and that’s why there is the saying, ‘Once in a blue moon’: because having two full moons in one month is quite rare.

Moreover, in the greenYgrey world it will see the transition from MIST to MUSE (Midwinter Until Spring Equinox [around March 21st, when the days are equal light and dark]), with the four months known together as mistYmuse. Y-day is on January 21st.

Sky Highlights, December 2017

Before that, it looks like there’ll be a great pre-POP morning sky mid-month, as reported on Cosmic Pursuits:  ‘As it makes its way eastward along the ecliptic, the thin crescent Moon lies just 5º to the north of the planet Mars in the eastern and south-eastern sky before dawn.’

This is included from a mainly aesthetic (looks nice), amateur scientific, mildly pagan ancient wisdom angle, rather than any later religions.

Planets, Moon, and stars in the pre-dawn sky on the morning of December 14, 2017 looking towards the southeast.


Recycle and Save Money… Oceans and Planet… but no Guaranteed Reward

The MIST (Midwinter Ideal Sunrise Times) months of November 21st to January 21st, either side of the shortest daylight day of December 21st, thus the latest sunrise time, got off to an old-fashioned greenygrey start, with low cloud giving the sun a lie-in, as if wrapped cosily, enjoying a lie-in.

I didn’t miss it, showing I am often up at the same time as the traditional 9am traditional start workers I think it is ideal for, and working by 9am as I am now, as this is the work I should be doing, researching and writing, as a PhD graduate.

I have seen some great sunrises this autumn, showing that the best things are often at times unpredicted and unexpected. The pinkyorange sun twilight time all day, on the last day of really mild weather here in Blighty, October 18th, was one of those. I thought at the time it was a good replacement for the predicted solar eclipse across North America in August that I’d been thinking of visiting.

Humanity is Real World Problem, but Not Your Fault (no more than 0.000000001%)

Looking on the greenYgrey other side of it, and the weather forecast is for an even wetter day tomorrow, it should show to all those who blame everything in the world on me and more practising pagans (I’m past perfect, for those who remember my joke that I’m not a practising pagan, I’m a perfect one, which was an early example of my self-parody; genius comedy that’s obviously gone to waste; or even been counter-productive, decoded as arrogant elitism!) that were (we’re) not in control of the world, and causing the increasing natural disasters; I’m being like King Cnut here, showing I can’t control nature (god)!

If anything ‘human’ has a contribution to the planet’s weather and ecosystem it is climate change, with severe warnings since at least 1992, as a recent Washington Post article reminded me. There were some bad years of flooding before I created the Greenygrey in 2005, with the autumn of 2003 particularly bad.

Times like that inspired the Greenygrey, rather than the Greenygrey causing them.

Blue Planet Primary (First-hand) Evidence

Blue Planet II has shown the effect it is having on the oceans, and especially plastics, which were a great human invention, but too good for the natural world apparently. Fish and mammals are already dying, as well as coral reefs, and scientists predict a lack of oxygen could suffocate marine life in mass extinction numbers. A recent research survey by Newcastle University scientists, reported in the media by papers such as The Telegraph, found plastics in all life they trawled from the deepest ocean on Earth: the Marianas Trench.

It’s still cool to be wasteful amongst the ‘poor’, and they are probably only getting in their share of destruction compared to ‘richer’ people who recycle more (I think that’s how they think too, and I thought like that from about 18-32 too, until computers, web and blogging made me think I could make more of a difference), but live in bigger houses and/or drive bigger cars. It’s kind of like hunting, where the poor think ‘if the royals and upper classes are doing it’; harking back to the ‘Robin Hood days’ when royals hunted and peasants starved. I welcome the efforts of Charles and William (and I guess Princess Kate is being great in the background) in trying their best, and pushing the boundaries towards conservation and environmentalism as far as they can.

My Narcissistic Side’s World View

If I thought I was important to the world, as part of me does, greenYgrey style, while the other half says I’m probably just imagining it, I’d write that I tried to live ethically during the greenYgrey years, the ‘Establishment’ seemed to react 1000s time against me, importing men and cultures who didn’t care anything about the environment, women, children and British class identity or fairness; as the ‘Establishment’ probably predicted, the majority of working-class and women were easily bought and groomed onto their side; while the counterculture left-liberals showed their folly by expecting a physical ‘revolution’ led by Russell ‘Pied Piper’ Brand.

To be fair to Brand, he is a vegan, so better than me in that animal welfare and environmental way. Some of my ‘counterculture friends’ openly spoke against animal welfare and the environment, as well as not caring about women and children, and still had a better standing in it than me; because they advocated open borders, humanity over everything, an Islamist view of the world. Anything that went against it was a ‘conspiracy’! They ignored the fact that the biggest ‘conspiracy’ was the grooming and rape of British children on an industrial scale by mainly Muslim gangs under the cover of Blair’s Multicultural Fascism.

Recycle and Save Money

To end on a bright note for the traditional working-class, who might think I’m neglecting them, Blue Planet and other documentaries like that show ‘nice mammals’ like dolphins going through an entire shoal of fish, such as lantern in a ‘boiling sea’ event filmed for episode 4. So don’t be guilty about your fish and chips today… but maybe its plastic container! Bring back the old-fashioned recycled newspapers!?

And if you want to save money and the environment, I recommend (not demand, anticipating the response from those who don’t believe in recycling, some of whom see themselves as controllers of counterculture!) using small plastic bags such as those in the supermarket for veg, potatoes etc for your ordinary refuse bins, putting them out more often, instead of buying big bin liner bags and having rubbish lying around for longer; and you can put recycling rubbish in without a bag, using the same bag all the time.

I watched an old Natural World with David Attenborough recently, and some of the constructions were incredible. However, it also showed prairie dogs eating all the vegetation around their communities, and then many dying off before the rains came to replenish the soil. So were (we’re) probably no worse than the rest of the animal kingdom, just that were (we’re) much more advanced. Ironically, insect kingdoms such as ants and termites are much more advanced than most animal; including ants recycling their waste, and termites building their stacks to make the most of the sun at cool times in the morning and evening, and least in the midday heat, ‘knowing’ to build them facing east-west, with the narrow part north-south; including our closest primate relatives according to evolution theory, who live a nomadic life rather than making homes at all. However, baboons were shown at the end using caves, providing possible evidence of humanity’s route from trees to cave walls.

I had some magic monkey moments while travelling, including with this wild capuchin in the Mayan Copan site in Honduras:



And a ‘pet’ in one of the places I stayed in South America. I think it’s a pygmy marmoset, and hopefully a rescued one, but I can’t remember, or didn’t know:

Junbesi to Nunthala on Jiri – Gokyo Everest Park Trek

Leaving Junbesi on the fifth day of a Jiri-Gokyo trek I took a photo of the monastery visited the previous day. It was then a downhill before crossing the Taktor Khola valley to Ringmu. The previous afternoon’s trek was visible from the cafe I had lunch at with a few Europeans who’d also left Junbesi that morning. A stupa and prayer flags brightened the greenygrey valley view. Then the path led up to Taksindu. A waterfall and puppies led down to Nunthala, and the end of the day’s trek.

Everest View Nepal Trek Photos

Nepal 051 Nepal 054 Nepal 055 Nepal 056


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