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Iceland Mountain Queen Surreal Photo Evidence?

Dedicated to the Grid and Walk-On Girls: always Formula 1 podium placers and Darts 180 bullseyes, and welcome at AAW (Adult Angelic Waifs).

I meant to write ‘bye ‘bye to Borgarnes in this blogpost, but looks like it’s turned into a goodbye Grid Girls instead!

I only became aware… (not a-were… that happened a long time ago…
and I’ve never looked back…
was looking for a pack…
until I found a greenYgrey rucksack!)… sorry for that mistYmuse poetic interlude, I was trying to write that I only found out about the Lady of the Mountain of Icelandic folklore this week.

lady of the mountain

I didn’t know about the Lady when I fell in love with Mount Hafnarfjall, between Reykjavik and Borgarnes, after spending the day with it; and was thinking that the reflective silhouette and wispy cloud shown in my photos could be interpreted as traditionally feminine features in a totally lovely way, complementing the hard as rock foundation, which is needed for all women apart from those who live sheltered lives – such as shown in The Grandmaster movie.

Maybe she was happy with me because I took a photo of her raven companion in the sunny glow of east Reykjavik, which I just noticed was the last photo before seeing what I think are Northern Lights ribbons near a rainbow:


I just read the info on the above linked Mount Hafnarfjall site, and saw that most of the mountain is basalt, but the crag, which I guess is the one I thought looked like a shark or cetacean’s dorsal fin, is made of granofyr, which has a bit of a greenYgrey resemblance ring to it (gr-n–yr)! Here’s a last collection of photos showing AAWsome Hafnarfjall:

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Iceland Mountain Fjord Sunset Photos

It was around or below zero all the time the week I was in Iceland, from what I saw of the temperatures, and it was supposed to be about -5c the day I spent on the Borgarfjordur beach. While I’d taken many photos during the day, the snaps I took after sunset turned the sky, land and water PinkyOrangePurple (POP) looked totally sublime in my phone gallery. They don’t seem to look as good transferred to the computer, looking lighter, but I think they’re still very nice.

After last post contained a silhouette reflection on Mount Hafnarfjall, here’s the scene below, as the mountain joins the fjord:



Ulvik Photos: Hardangerfjord Mountain Reflections

When I returned to Ulvik from Eidfjord on the ferry there was a bus soon after back to Voss, but there was also a last bus three hours later. Although I’d already had enough beautiful nature for one day, Ulvik looked a nice town; circling the end of one of Hardangerfjord‘s most easterly tributaries.

I enjoyed walking around the town and fruit farms, and felt particularly rewarded in the last hour of my time with the fjords when the sun and blue skies appeared on the snow-capped western horizon mountains, and the last bus drove me towards them.

Scandinavia 393

Scandinavia 391

Scandinavia 392

Scandinavia 400

Scandinavia 402

Scandinavia 403


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Eidfjord to Ulvik Fjord Mountain Mirror Reflection Photos

While I’d like to speed along with the travel25years journey, my travelling life has taught me patience, and that you should enjoy the journey and not just look forward to the destination; as attested to by numerous travellers and writers before me.

So this blog is dedicated wholly to the EidfjordUlvik ferry journey, as I like the mirror reflection photos created as the low cloud of the outward journey cleared.

Eidfjord to Ulvik Photos

And it was patience, and a desire to see as much of the fjords as I could that helped me capture these Eidfjord to Ulvik photos. While the inside of the ferry was warmer and more comfortable; and the weather conditions not ideal; I stayed out on the back of the ferry all the journey, and I think I was rewarded with some great photos.

Although I may be blowing my own trumpet a little there, I fully acknowledge that it was mainly my love of nature that made the photos possible, rather than my photography skills.

It was nature that created the scenes, and they are no doubt created every day in that part of Norway, whether I am there or not. Anyway, here’s the photos; several of which are relevant to this site’s sister site, Folding Mirror Poetry, and the last one to the Greenygrey site:

Scandinavia 376


Scandinavia 382


Scandinavia 385


Scandinavia 386


Scandinavia 387


Scandinavia 389


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Eidfjord, Norway Fjord, Waterfalls and Mountains Photos,

I was hoping to do a sporting activity on my last full day in Voss, but the season still hadn’t really started, so I took a bus to Ulvik and then a boat out to Eidfjord. Here’s some photos from the outward bus journey and time spent in Eidfjord. There was low cloud in the morning, but it cleared just in time to see the mountains surrounding the fjord port:

Waterfall on road between Voss and Eidfjord.
Waterfall on road between Voss and Eidfjord.
Colourful knitting around Eidfjord trees.
Colourful knitting around Eidfjord trees.

Kayak class on Eidfjord.

Kayak class on Eidfjord.

Eidfjord church and mountains.

Eidfjord church and mountains.
Eidfjord house and mountains.
Eidfjord houses, waterfall and mountains.
Boathouse and mountain.
Boathouse, mountain, waterfall and reflection.
World War Two memorial.
World War Two freedom butterfly memorial.

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Bergen, Norway, Fjord, City and Sunset Photos

After a mixture of sunshine and showers on the journey from Haugesund, the sun was thankfully shining bright when I arrived in Bergen. I’d been thinking about getting a city bus up to Hostel Montana, after reading it was up a mountain 5km (3.5 miles) outside the centre, but had also written out a rough map copied from the hostel website.

Bergen Mountain Houses Shine in Afternoon Sun

After seeing the colourful mountain houses circling the city centre shining in the late afternoon sun, as I’d seen in many photos, I felt like walking. So I headed south. After feeling a bit lost, I saw a #12 bus, which is the bus to the hostel.

So I followed the bus route up to the hostel, which was not a light stroll in the land of the troll.

Bergen Sunset Lights Fjord and Houses

While the walk had been quite tough, I was glad I was staying on the mountain when the sun set; which on that April 30th night I was surprised to see was already quite late at about 10.30-11; about the same time as British midsummer.

The fjord lit up like a real fire, and the mountain houses like precious topaz.

Here’s some photos:

Bergen mountain houses.
Bergen mountain houses.
Bergen street.
Bergen street.
Kong (King) Oscars Gate on the street of that name.
Kong (King) Oscars Gate on the street of that name.
Scandinavia 038
Trees line Kong Oscars Gate street.
A storm arrived from further south.
A storm arrived from further south.
Bergen sunset from the Hostel Montana.
Bergen sunset from the Hostel Montana.
Scandinavia 041
Bergen mountain houses lit by sunset.
Scandinavia 042
Bergen sunset darkens and deepens, providing another spectacular photo (in my opinion; not much photography skill required!).

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).