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Ulvik Photos: Hardangerfjord Mountain Reflections

When I returned to Ulvik from Eidfjord on the ferry there was a bus soon after back to Voss, but there was also a last bus three hours later. Although I’d already had enough beautiful nature for one day, Ulvik looked a nice town; circling the end of one of Hardangerfjord‘s most easterly tributaries.

I enjoyed walking around the town and fruit farms, and felt particularly rewarded in the last hour of my time with the fjords when the sun and blue skies appeared on the snow-capped western horizon mountains, and the last bus drove me towards them.

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Hardangerfjord Photos, Haugesund to Bergen, western Norway

Arriving in Haugesund, there’s a bus waiting for Ryanair‘s cheap flights. You can buy an inclusive ticket from there to the city centre and on to either Bergen in the north or Stavanger in the south. I headed north, and the scenic journey included a ferry ride on the Hardangerfjord. Here’s some photos from the ferry:

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