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Muddle-East: Kurds and Iraq Fight at Kirkuk. Avoiding Middle-East.

While I think those ‘Westerners’ who went to fight against I.S. were as heroic as those who went to join them were either deluded or evil, I didn’t feel like going myself, apart from supporting the Yazidis, as I thought it would morph into another war, or other Islamist groups would rise out of it.

Kurds Surrounded, Joe Robinson Arrested

That seems to have happened already, with Iraqi forces advancing on Kirkuk last week, after Kurdish people declared independence, in an oil rich part of the region. They had both been fighting against I.S. until recently defeating it in Iraq.

To the north, the Kurds’ enemy is Turkey, which is a NATO member. The newly Islamist Turkey under President Erdogan seems as complex as the Middle-East as a whole. A few months ago, British ex-soldier Joe Robinson was arrested and imprisoned there after fighting for the Kurds against I.S.

This Blog’s Dilemma

After Greece I went to the Middle-East. As my book states, I mostly had a great time, and as it was the first time I’d been outside Europe, I was often buzzing with the new sights and smells.

However, the Middle-East is such a toxic region, with many ‘Westerners’ imprisoned there, that I don’t know if I should be promoting and celebrating it. That’s one of the reasons I suspended this blog a few years ago, after I.S. attacks made travel more dangerous – while the world is full of advertising, most of it for products with a negative impact, I don’t want to feel responsible for anybody’s decision that ends up harming them.

Personally, I think it will also open me up to the ‘J’ word persecution (not Jersey!) by some in the liberal-left and far-right, who still blame ‘Js’ for all the troubles in the world.

In fact, my atheistic criticism of monotheism (which most of them don’t know the meaning of, or didn’t before I wrote about it anyway!), as well as male feminism, has probably been punished by the Harvey Weinsteins of this world – Stylist magazine’s man-of-the-year, Russell Brand, is the Hollywood star, not me!!

Men who’ve been fighting against the grooming scandal for a decade or two don’t get a look in, while the Pied Piper (releasing his Trickster Tales book of that name at the height of it – if he is a dodgy liberal establishment (Hollywood to BBC!: not everybody there, or even a majority, but they are multi-headed beasts, as academia and other corporations are!!) patsy as some claim, they must have been laughing their heads off at the ‘masses’ buying that book at the height of liberal Britain ignoring the grooming of British children. In an exhibition in Leeds I recently saw that one of the creators of Penguin publishing, Brand’s publisher, was an Asian; I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or not, and is just a coincidence as far as I know!

Even trying to provide balanced neutrality in talking and writing about the Middle-East, such as claiming the Middle-East wars were a cycle of violence, after researching it quite intensively, if reluctantly, in university; it was a side issue to my Balkans focus; drew allegations of ‘J’ bias from my liberal-left circle of friends, who were like the Momentum wing of Labour now treating Jeremy Corbyn as the new ‘J.C.’, and who have been accused of anti-Semitism.

Middle-East Then and Now 

Although there had been seemingly constant war in the Middle-East during the twentieth century, the biggest concern amongst Westerners in the late 1980s seemed to be inspired by the Midnight Express movie.

The 1978 movie told the story of Billy Hayes, and his harrowing time in Turkish prison after being arrested for possession of hash.

While I’d like to post my nice photos from the Middle-East here, I don’t know if I should, considering the situation in the region now. What do you think? I understand if you don’t want to publicly declare your thoughts; I don’t want to either really!

Like Salman Rushdie found out, the more you want to free yourself from the Muddle-East and its religions/wars, the more you’re drawn into it!!

I don’t know the ins-and-outs of the Middle-East wars, and although I specialised in international affairs in my university study, I now feel like focusing on Britain and its near neighbours/allies.

However, even that’s muddled, with Joe Robinson a hero British ex-soldier now being held captive by a NATO ally after fighting against our deadliest enemy in recent years!

Although the Syria war was horrible, and I wonder if we could have stopped I.S. earlier, I think keeping U.K. troops out of it was a good decision, and I definitely think that Parliament was right to not bomb Assad, as that would have helped I.S., prolonging their evil reign.

The fighting still going on in Syria, and growing around the Kurds, suggests there won’t be peace in the region any time soon, but I think the U.K. is right to stay as isolationist as possible, while helping those fighting against the Islamists as much as possible; and helping British people who fought against I.S. to return, such as Joe Robinson.



‘Beyond Humanity’ Third Dimension of a Trilogy Third Book Subtitle: Space 3 One Too (1-2)

In recent blog posts I’ve written that the ‘Beyond Humanity’ subtitle to XaW Files, my seventh published book, and third of the new self-proclaimed genius (self-parody) but ignored by British society and hence the world (not parody: a la Turing and Tesla being largely ignored in their lives [double link to my previous blog about my genius on the greeenYgrey3 blog, and current Tesla car company CEO and recent blog post star Elon Musk in one sentence!] ) concept of fantasy travelling by web maps and information, inspired by my world travels over thirty years, had a social side (beyond modern history culture) and personal side (me beyond politics and monotonous bickering, tit-for-tat political decisions by each government keeping the status quo rather than progressing society).

3rd Dimension of a Trilogy 3rd Book Subtitle

The third side of the trilogy subtitle is that of the cover star, the sun, and the protagonist, the greenYgrey, which are both beyond humanity in space.

greenygreyImage result for northern lights images

The greenYgrey exited into space in the last episode of XaW Files, which also contained this very a-musing piece of philosophy, that as I remember entered my mind late in the day, rather than at a time of coffilosophy (like now!), after hearing of the I.S. destruction of old pagan temples such as Palmyra, and the beheading of a local who tried to defend them, as well as the genocide of the Yazidis:

‘I.S. destroys humans and their temples because they only have human powers themselves. They will never reach the sun and moon, and other stars and planets, which are the only constructions that really matter to life on Earth, and our planet itself. The universe began billions of years before their sect, and life on Earth millions; and they will live for millions and billions of years afterwards too. The sun and moon will always rise and set, and the stars will always sparkle at night.’

I.S. seemed in the ascendency then, but have since crumbled in Iraq and much of Syria, although others like them are still a threat in the region and elsewhere in the world.

The sun is not totally beyond humanity, as we can see and study it, and we’re supposed to be sending a probe to the sun’s outer corona next year.

Digital model of a spacecraft with a bus attached to a larger Sun-shield. Two small solar panels are attached to the side of the bus, along with four rear-facing antennas.

However, the sun’s beyond our control or destruction, unlike our planet. That fact seems to anger some humans: those who think humanity should be all powerful; often those who think they are God’s chosen creation, creating God’s image in their own, replacing the sun and other deities.

Humanity Fights for Locality, not God or Existence

I don’t know if the sun has any spirituality, but I do know it’s our star, creating life on Earth, which orbits it, and it is more visible in space than our planet, which is itself beautiful; our planet in space is more colourful than the sun, but not as important, maybe like a ring compared to a watch.

The trilogy of our place in the known universe is even bigger and better than my greenYgrey one (self-parody!):

  1. We are in a solar system, one planet circling our star:

Image result for sun and earth true size images

2. Our sun is one of billions in the Milky Way (named by us! Chocolate named after it!!):

Image result for milky way galaxy in universe

3. The Milky Way is one galaxy of billions in the known universe:

Image result for universe map

While holy fighters such as I.S. and the Taliban think they are dying for some great cause that is much bigger than themselves or humanity, or at least 72 virgins in paradise, in reality they are usually just evidence of the human brain shrunk to its minimum philosophical thinking level by brainwashing.

While that could be said to be true of most societies and cultures, and ideological indoctrination, most have more freedom of information and choice; with Islamist brainwashing starting straight away with their superiority asserted through bestselling in their cultures atrocity videos; and therefore opportunity for the human brain to develop, analyse and choose.

British Society and Culture

Admittedly, the choice for most people is limited, and most choose their local ideology, either because they believe in it, or it’s the easiest way to live. I’m not against locality or the military, just against brainwashing and mindlessness. While in my youth I looked for a utopia, in my middle-age I’m just trying to avoid dystopia.

I don’t know if that’s just the normal way it works, and the country doesn’t look as bad to youth as it does to me, or better or worse than the country did to me when I was a youth!? Ironically, youth are said to be the ones wanting more openness and immigration, but they seem the ones most at risk, from grooming and gang violence; as well as losing their country and environment.

Or is it that more of the youth don’t feel that risk, because they feel out of harm’s way in the more politically active higher classes; or they are willing to take that risk, because they feel the positives outweigh the negatives: freedom over safety, drugs over domesticity.

The difference in ages probably is a factor, with youth having more energy, and desire to move and wander, while older people are more settled and defensive of their property. I remember being the former and not really understanding the latter, but now I’m older and feel in the greenYgrey middle I think I’m perfectly positioned to know it all!

Elite Traveller and Student, not Elite Soldier

While some people may object to me using the word ‘elite’ I use it specifically and deliberately. When I’ve done my marathons I’ve not objected to the best athletes, many from Africa and Asia, being called ‘elite’, or taking my place behind them at the start, so after becoming the ultimate in studentdom of becoming a PhD, and achieving my ambition to travel to all the continents as a low-budget traveller in the 1980s/1990s, I think I’m entitled to call myself elite in those two areas – you may disagree, and you are entitled to your opinion.

Warrior Soldier Mentality in Society

I grew up on war movies and westerns, boxing fiction and reality too, so I don’t know if the warrior – soldier part of my personality psychology is nature (there is apparently a warrior gene) or social cultural nurture, but I always had it from an early age.

I thought about joining the forces at times, but wanted to be a footballer most, and anyway had asthma. By my teens I’d rebelled against authority anyway, and probably would have been diagnosed with ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) now; as well as ADHD and bipolarity!?

By the end of my teens I’d worked out that it could get me into trouble, and I didn’t want to spend my time in prison, so I’ve been trying to avoid trouble as much as possible since. However, travelling tends to put you in situations where trouble is likely, as does moving to new areas. Not that all trouble hasn’t been my fault, and I know that drinking too much can cause me trouble, and turn me into a troublemaker.

Scumbags Should Accept Themselves for what they Are

One of the things I like about Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses is that when they were L.A. back streets lowlife scumbags they accepted what they were, and even introduced themselves as such. Some people just won’t accept it, and hide behind ‘political correctness’. If people are poor, vulnerable or disadvantaged they are probably entitled to think they are that way for that reason, but the richer are even less likely to accept they are at least sometimes scumbags; I think it is human for everybody to be a scumbag sometimes, even if it’s just looking down on others they view as scumbags.

I’m not trying to make myself out to be a hero, or remove any blame from myself. I’m quite happy to take blame when it’s my fault; as my books, writing and poetry show; but I’m not happy to take blame when it’s not my fault, and especially when it’s being put on me by scum people; and especially scum people who think they’re brilliant, and don’t accept any blame or recognise any negativity about themselves.

The biggest scum of those people were the lifelong friends and somebody I was supposed to be in a relationship with; followed by some of the people I met in uni and work when I moved. Over the last twenty years those personal issues have been a cloud over me; mirrored in society by the rise of Islamist terrorism and mostly Muslim child grooming, rape, torture and forced prostitution.

I feel sorry for any innocent Rohingyas and other ‘Muslims’, but I still remember the YAZIDIS are being kept as sex slaves by Muslims in the Middle-East, as part of the attempted genocide of them, as well as many other victims of Islamism across the world.

Some of those people have been in the ‘establishment’, and a part of my brain thinks they’re behind it all: bring in a ‘culture’ under Multicultural Fascism that is even more sexist and paedophilic than them to make themselves look better. However, it was New Labour that brought that in, and the extreme left is still ignoring it: John McDonnell was quick to call Grenfell institutional ‘murder’, but where was he during 20 years of institutional ‘rape’ of the white underclass?

Real Hero Soldiers and the Problem with the Counterculture

I watched a couple of documentaries recently that kind of had a couple of sides to my personality in it, on different sides of ‘mainstream’ and ‘counter’ culture; documentaries that explain my shift from more ‘counter’ to more ‘mainstream’.

Storyville’s Silk Road told the sad story of a naturist libertarian intellectual who tried to create a better counterculture online, but ended up creating a dark web place for child porn, and ordering punishments when robbed, and is now serving a life without parole sentence.

The second was a Booktalk discussion with Captain Jonny Mercer, whose book We Were Warriors told of his time in the British army, including service in Afghanistan. Mercer talked very greenYgreyly (remembering my beloved greenYgrey) about himself, the British army’s failings and how he views the Conservative party he’s now joined.

Screenshot (234)

I’m Still greenYgrey

I’m not joining the Conservative party, but probably agree with them more on most things than Corbyn’s Labour, apart from animal welfare and environmentalism – Corbyn’s Labour doesn’t add up on the latter anyway, as mass immigration obviously cancels out any green initiatives.

For those who think I’ve changed drastically, well, I think I’ve probably changed less than most people my age; it’s Britain and the world that’s changed more than me. When the Falklands War happened when I was a teenager I didn’t like Thatcher and the Conservatives, but supported the war, because we were attacked and were in the right.

I’m probably still trying to prove I can be as hard as a soldier, and sensitive as a libertarian!

I went to my first festival the same year, and took my first hallucinogenic. I still think hallucinogenics can bring benefits, and have seen holiday articles in the mainstream media where they are used in therapeutic retreats. However, any drugs, including alcohol, can also lead to dependency, and a steep decline in the health of individuals, including putting children at risk from groomers, so I’m cautious to recommend it.

Tom Cruise on Booze

I’ve tried to be cautious in what I write and recommend during the last decade, and perhaps too much. Tom Cruise and other actors don’t seem to worry if their amazingly impressive brave and athletic stunts lead those who watch their films into great risk taking, so why should I – although the monotheistic mainstream like to blame me for all the problems in the world anyway!

It’s up to you, as is taking part in extreme sport, or joining the forces. I can’t advise too much, and don’t expect you to take any notice anyway, or even to have reached the end of this extreme coffilosophy blog post! If you have, thanks, and have a nice day…!