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31 Years Anniversary

fun  O
    J  N
run  E

Thirty-one years on the road to nowhere
searching for somewhere without a care
think I found some times and places
looked like I could only understand faces
looking back at the sun
with summer wind on my back
wish they’d been wolf, lynx and bear
if I’d really been a-were!


Us metal monsters see ourselves and the other critters as the innocent victims of gross humanity really, as seen from these nice videos, with Elliot’s parents present:

Flying into Haugesund, Viking Homeland, Western Norway

My twenty-fifth anniversary tour of Europe was completed in the past month, April 30th to May 11th, when I flew to Bergen in western Norway and flew back from Stockholm in eastern Sweden.

Final Journey Mirrors Planned First

I had originally planned to travel by ferry to Bergen to start my first jaunt around Europe in 1987, but in the end headed straight south from the U.K., after delaying departure until late August to attend that year’s Monsters of Rock festival.

I had wanted to visit the fjord region ever since, as well as Stockholm, which was said to be a beautiful multi-island city. So I bought cheap single flights from London Stansted to Haugesund and Stockholm to Stansted with Ryanair.

After making the short journey north from Haugesund to Bergen I planned to travel across Scandinavia, from the western coast to east. It would be the first border I’d cross outside the U.K. for about fifteen years.

Flying into Haugesund

My flight from Stansted to Haugesund went smoothly. Leaving England I could see the Scroby Sands Windfarm off Great Yarmouth. Then it was all sea until reaching the fjords of Haugesund, Home of the Viking Kings. Here’s some photos:

Scroby Sands Cropped
Scroby Sands Offshore Windfarm
First Sight of Land: islands west of Haugesund.
First Sight of Land: islands west of Haugesund.
Descending into Haugesund.
Descending into Haugesund.
Sea is visibile from Haugesund airport.
Sea is visibile from Haugesund airport.
Welcome to Haugesund: Homeland of the Vikings.
Welcome to Haugesund: Homeland of the Vikings.

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