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30th Anniversary Tour Finished: Thanks AAWfully, Rest greenYgreyly (coffilosophy wordplay to contemplate)

I concluded my 30th anniversary tour of my travels starting on August 25th, 1987 with a spectacularly genius combination: returning to my birthplace of Jersey for the first time in just over 50 years! It was a week full of the ups and downs typically experienced while independent travelling. I hope to write more about it soon.

Scan_20170719 (6)
One of my first photos in 1987.

My year of returning to hobo travelling on short trips 2017 tour took in:

  1. Scarborough to Withernsea coastal path trek in May.
  2. Helmsley to Scarborough imprecise rest of the Cleveland Way walk in June.
  3. Guns N’ Roses gig in the Olympic Stadium in June, camping in Abbey Wood.
  4. Camping and hiking in Jersey less than fortnight after anniversary, and in the month of my birthday, and taking a ferry across the channel as I did in 1987.


Scandinavia 017
On a ferry in western Norway.

Thanks to all those I’ve met along the way and that have played a positive part in it, and especially the awesome AAWs and great greenYliens; and Guns N’ Roses for partly reforming and touring to take part in it (little self-parody there!!).

I really hope I brightened up the day of those who wanted to see me, as seeing people I’d heard of has for me over the years, such as sports and media people in Leeds.

Sorry if I didn’t acknowledge you if you wanted me to; or if I didn’t visit your locality if you wanted me to, or enter your workplace or use your transport.

The first of ignoring people was probably because some people take offence at me looking around, and some even use it to try and entrap me within a ‘negative’ for me, ‘positive’ for them. Sorry if you wanted to be positive, but I ‘wasn’t in the mood’! Like a reality show judge once said, I don’t want to disappoint anyone, and it can be quite mentally taxing at times, hopefully without sounding too self-obsessed!

The second was probably because of either my ambition to stay true to my original travelling as possible; to prove I did it originally to others, and that I can still do it to myself, probably in a middle-aged crisis kind of way.

I’d rather have been spending more money on beer and food, and occasional hotels and transport, but I was on my own little personal mission, and if I’d strayed too far from it, or even a little, the negatives would no doubt have made a mountain out of a molehill, as they’ve tried to do with my writing and running.

Anyway, I don’t want to dwell on the negatives too much, and I’m delighted to have accomplished the anniversary I wanted. Thanks again to all those who took part in it positively, helped along the way, or tolerated me hiking and camping around.

The greenYgrey decade also finished with the greenygrey3 subscription running out on September 4th, the day I travelled to Jersey, in a triple synchronisation of my writing career significance. ‘Mastermind genius’ used in a great way, but that will no doubt be ignored by the mainstream media and publishing; or turned negatively!

The books are there are as a greenYgrey legacy, and I really recommend them, especially the last two, and hope to write more about the greenYgreyology philosophy in the future, but as me, Doctor Marc Latham. I’ve tried to be very ethical the last decade, such as reining in promiscuity, mainly because the greenYgrey could appeal to all ages, and was oppsoing the child grooming disgrace, but some people even turn that into a negative.

I’ll be keeping this site going, and hope to have a new project or three soon, with lots of ideas, but no clear direction yet, in true greenYgrey style. If there are any experts or specialists in exercise, travel, media, sport or publicity etc interested, maybe now would be a good time to contact me.

Animals and Epiphanies in the Wild Extremities

The authoress of Wild walked 1100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, which is really impressive in itself. I walked 150 miles this summer, (60 over 3 days one month, 90 over 4 days the next month) and it was quite tough, although like they say in the movie, it gets easier, and the second longer trip seemed more comfortable.

Foxes and Deers

In the Wild movie the hiker/authoress has a bit of a meeting of minds with a fox. I’ve had some of those in the city, but not in the countryside. I did have a couple with deer on the walks though. One time a young stag bolted past me about from a 50 metres/yards away after emerging from another field, and probably only seeing me when it entered the field I was in. It ran about another 100 metres/yards, but then stopped and calmed down, and looked back at me until I walked away.

Another time I heard some rustling from over a wall while walking through a forest, and thought it must be a stray sheep or wild horse. Then when I got to somewhere I could look back at where the noise had come from there was a deer looking at me inquisitively from an opening in the wall.

I had only decided at the last moment to look back, not expecting to see anything there now, but the deer had obviously gone to the opening, planning to see what it had heard. When I reached for my camera it left.

Although it’s nice to have those experiences I try not to get too close, as the next human could be a hunter. I walked past one young rabbit who’d obviously seen me coming and had just ducked down where it was. It’s eyes seemed wide open with fear.

Sunrise and Sunset

She also talked of her mother saying that the sunrise and sunset were special times, and that you could either choose to be a part of that beauty or not. They were also one of the main reasons I wanted to get out into nature this summer, always missing them in the summer months where I live, although the winter sunrise location is ideal.

I did see some beautiful sunsets, with PinkyOrangePurple (POP) colours above green dales and wolds, or yellow crops. And I woke up to the sunrise on the east coast, bright and warm over the calm sleepy sea.

I’d been going on regular day trips to the countryside before that, but haven’t felt the need, or even desire, since. As if I filled myself up with enough nature on those two trips to last me a while, like a camel in the desert.

But I’d love to do a few months one sometime (soon), like the PCT; so all those humanity who think I’m only where I am because of them (apart from the nice positive ones, especially really beautiful single women to my slim and preferably light-haired taste), I’d probably rather be somewhere else, freed from them and the restrictions on the mind and movement of human society; restrictions that have increased since the New Wave of Monotheist Religion (NWOMR).

It’s not the colour of your skin I don’t like, it’s the way your mind works, and how it restricts my mind, and the freedom to live and think freely of people like me: the native people, as the Native Americans suffered, and other native people have around the world, including the Masai in Africa.

I didn’t like the ‘British white establishment’ for the same reason in the 1980s, which was one of the reasons I so related to Guns N’ Roses. But now I’m middle-aged, and can see why they were so critical of youths like me. I still believe in youth freedom though, and try to be an advocate like one of my heroes, Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo, but some make it difficult… although they are often just pawns to my critics and enemies… formerly frenemies (a term I heard a few weeks ago, combining friends and enemies, for those people you hang around with in youth but don’t really get on with; another thing I liked about travelling, you could just kill them and bury them somewhere… I jest… I mean they were often just brief On The Road, and you could part with them quickly… as some probably did with me!)