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Bergen Fjord Boat-Trip

Posting the last blog inspired a second Folding Mirror nature poem from watching snow and rain on my third day in Bergen, and it is now published on fmpoetry.wordpress.com.

Osterfjorden Bergen Boat-Trip

On my third day in Bergen I booked a half-day boat-trip to the steep-sided Osterfjorden for the next day. That night, the weather forecast predicted heavy rain for the next day.

I woke up to thick snow on the ground outside Hostel Montana, half way up Mount Ulriken; providing ‘Christmas Card’ scenery. It was even more so in the Osterfjorden.

While it would probably have been better to have sunshine and clear skies, the snow and low cloud gave the fjord a ‘land that time forgot’ atmosphere. There were just a few settlements on Osterøy island; which we were told is Europe’s largest land-enclosed island; meaning it probably looked similar to the Vikings more than a millenium ago.

Osterfjorden Photos

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