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Media Makes My Gas Giant Gravity: Lee Kendall Scandalous Accusation

While human social interaction can provide some ‘gravity’ to propel me forward, as I posted in my new space-social metaphor theory a few posts ago, the media is a gas giant like Jupiter or Saturn compared to the human Venus or Mars. Most of the ‘gravity’ in the media is provided by humans of course, and is always made by them.

Documentaries and Films… and News etc

While I used to watch a lot of drama, such as soaps and series, the last few years I’ve been mostly limiting myself to documentaries and films, as well as news and sport, and the odd comedy, such as Have I Got News For You and Man Down (critical greenYgreyologists might think it’s because I relate to it, and I do in some ways, but mostly I like it because it’s funny, and a good example of my demographic laughing at itself).

A recent Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild featured an Iranian-heritage PhD graduate who’d left academia to live off the grid. His criticisms of the life (rivalry, competition, irrelevance etc), were kind of how I felt twelve years ago when I left, only rather than escaping to the forest, I set up the Greenygrey world online, and enjoyed the outdoors running and hiking.

Some people (anti-greenYgreyliens etc) continued to harass and persecute me if they saw me on my limited reluctant ventures into ‘civilisation’, and especially student or ‘counterculture graduates’ lands; or even in work by a manager from that locality, who thought her social group had forced me out of university, and was trying to do the same in work. I’ve heard some openly say they were trying to drive me out of the city I live in – as if I’m a dinosaur relic of Old Britain in the way of the new promised land of Multiculturalia.

They act as if they are the revolutionaries; like Russell Brand, who still enjoys media love despite supposedly trying to oust them; when it seems to have been a government policy since the 1950s, when white children were being sent abroad to be abused elsewhere in the Commonwealth, with promises of Oranges and Sunshine, the title of a book and film about how it was finally exposed by a social worker decades later, while non-white people from the Commonwealth were being enticed to Blighty with promises of a better life.

Watch What You Say and How You Say It

Another manager used to slag everybody else off, both in work and on social media, but when I asked him something in ‘his traditional accent’ he seemed to take offence, inspired by a sitcom where his ‘people’ showed their great side by laughing at themselves, like Man Down does for me and mine, and he openly boasted of ‘getting other people’ who got in his way… as well as acting like Weinstein with women.

However, although I’ve been a socialist-inspired fair-treatment student and employee, and welcome a move towards a better and fairer university and work environment, I think the political correctness can go too far. I don’t know the whole story of the England women’s team farce, with successful coach Mark Sampson having had to leave, and Lee Kendall having been accused of ‘talking in a Caribbean accent’ by Eni Aluko.

I was reminded of that watching Bear Grylls with Rob Brydon in the second episode of his new Mission series. Grylls said he’d noticed he’d started talking with a Welsh accent, and Brydon didn’t take offence. Brydon is of course an impersonator himself, most famously for doing Ronnie Corbett, who he said loved his impersonations and comedy (including about his size) about him.

I might also add that I’d also enjoyed the first episode, with Anthony Joshua. In the past I’ve exaggerated how much I like Joshua, calling him a fine figure, and a nice man; to parody how society seems to be, and bring out the prejudice in those who think they’re not; but he did come across as a very nice man, and good role model.

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