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Saint-Malo Forts, Shopping and Restaurant

On my last full day in Saint-Malo there was low pressure, as forecast. In the morning I walked down the beach to Fort du Grand Be. From there there are good views to Fort du Petit Be, which wasn’t accessible. The first and third photos are views of Petit Be. The second photo is looking back at Saint-Malo’s walled city from Grand Be. The fourth photo is the path to Grand Be.

Saint-Malo Dining and Shopping

After living off the hostel buffet breakfast and supermarket food and drink all week I then treated myself to a coffee, ice-cream and crepes while souvenir shopping. Photo 5.

The beach looked very different to the previous night as I walked back, as shown in photo 6.

In the evening I walked out to the north of the city, bought some beer and tried to replicate my first night under a tree on the southern edge. It wasn’t really the same without the setting sun, but I did meet a nice spider. Photo 7.

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