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Coati Quality (Coality) Time at Iguazo Waterfall Photos

I had a nice day at the Iguazo waterfalls in 1994, with the bonus of meeting a friendly coati. I’d previously seen properly wild ones in the Pantanal, but this one looked used to human treats:


You can see Iguazo best from afar in Brazil, and close-up in Argentina:

Scan_20171016 (35)

Scan_20171016 (36)

Scan_20171016 (38)

Scan_20171016 (37)

Scan_20171016 (42)

Scan_20171016 (41)

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Eidfjord to Ulvik Fjord Mountain Mirror Reflection Photos

While I’d like to speed along with the travel25years journey, my travelling life has taught me patience, and that you should enjoy the journey and not just look forward to the destination; as attested to by numerous travellers and writers before me.

So this blog is dedicated wholly to the EidfjordUlvik ferry journey, as I like the mirror reflection photos created as the low cloud of the outward journey cleared.

Eidfjord to Ulvik Photos

And it was patience, and a desire to see as much of the fjords as I could that helped me capture these Eidfjord to Ulvik photos. While the inside of the ferry was warmer and more comfortable; and the weather conditions not ideal; I stayed out on the back of the ferry all the journey, and I think I was rewarded with some great photos.

Although I may be blowing my own trumpet a little there, I fully acknowledge that it was mainly my love of nature that made the photos possible, rather than my photography skills.

It was nature that created the scenes, and they are no doubt created every day in that part of Norway, whether I am there or not. Anyway, here’s the photos; several of which are relevant to this site’s sister site, Folding Mirror Poetry, and the last one to the Greenygrey site:

Scandinavia 376


Scandinavia 382


Scandinavia 385


Scandinavia 386


Scandinavia 387


Scandinavia 389


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Eidfjord, Norway Fjord, Waterfalls and Mountains Photos,

I was hoping to do a sporting activity on my last full day in Voss, but the season still hadn’t really started, so I took a bus to Ulvik and then a boat out to Eidfjord. Here’s some photos from the outward bus journey and time spent in Eidfjord. There was low cloud in the morning, but it cleared just in time to see the mountains surrounding the fjord port:

Waterfall on road between Voss and Eidfjord.
Waterfall on road between Voss and Eidfjord.
Colourful knitting around Eidfjord trees.
Colourful knitting around Eidfjord trees.

Kayak class on Eidfjord.

Kayak class on Eidfjord.

Eidfjord church and mountains.

Eidfjord church and mountains.
Eidfjord house and mountains.
Eidfjord houses, waterfall and mountains.
Boathouse and mountain.
Boathouse, mountain, waterfall and reflection.
World War Two memorial.
World War Two freedom butterfly memorial.

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