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Bergen, Norway, Fjord, City and Sunset Photos

After a mixture of sunshine and showers on the journey from Haugesund, the sun was thankfully shining bright when I arrived in Bergen. I’d been thinking about getting a city bus up to Hostel Montana, after reading it was up a mountain 5km (3.5 miles) outside the centre, but had also written out a rough map copied from the hostel website.

Bergen Mountain Houses Shine in Afternoon Sun

After seeing the colourful mountain houses circling the city centre shining in the late afternoon sun, as I’d seen in many photos, I felt like walking. So I headed south. After feeling a bit lost, I saw a #12 bus, which is the bus to the hostel.

So I followed the bus route up to the hostel, which was not a light stroll in the land of the troll.

Bergen Sunset Lights Fjord and Houses

While the walk had been quite tough, I was glad I was staying on the mountain when the sun set; which on that April 30th night I was surprised to see was already quite late at about 10.30-11; about the same time as British midsummer.

The fjord lit up like a real fire, and the mountain houses like precious topaz.

Here’s some photos:

Bergen mountain houses.
Bergen mountain houses.
Bergen street.
Bergen street.
Kong (King) Oscars Gate on the street of that name.
Kong (King) Oscars Gate on the street of that name.
Scandinavia 038
Trees line Kong Oscars Gate street.
A storm arrived from further south.
A storm arrived from further south.
Bergen sunset from the Hostel Montana.
Bergen sunset from the Hostel Montana.
Scandinavia 041
Bergen mountain houses lit by sunset.
Scandinavia 042
Bergen sunset darkens and deepens, providing another spectacular photo (in my opinion; not much photography skill required!).

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Hardangerfjord Photos, Haugesund to Bergen, western Norway

Arriving in Haugesund, there’s a bus waiting for Ryanair‘s cheap flights. You can buy an inclusive ticket from there to the city centre and on to either Bergen in the north or Stavanger in the south. I headed north, and the scenic journey included a ferry ride on the Hardangerfjord. Here’s some photos from the ferry:

Scandinavia 017

Scandinavia 019

Scandinavia 023

Scandinavia 024

Scandinavia 030

Scandinavia 032

Scandinavia 033