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Pollution Figures Justify Immigration Controls: I.S. Supporters Most Unwanted

Inspired by the fashion for wearing Che Guevara t-shirts by people who didn’t know who he was I once joked that most of the people frequenting the Sandinista bar in the city I live in, the city of (Chilis song), probably thought it was a Spanish island! It’s real meaning features below. If that ‘joke’ sounds arrogant and obnoxious, I think I’m only average on general knowledge, and am no University Challenge contestant; not a great one anyway!

It’s ironic that in Blighty, after non-white people who want a non-white majority (I’ve heard journalists Ayesha Hazariki and Yasmin Alibiah Brown supporting more mass immigration lately on Sky News newspaper round-ups; the latter said we’ve got it coming for what happened in the colonial era, amazingly using the example of Australia! Meanwhile, Chuku Umunna is one of the leaders of Labour’s Open Britain campaign slogan.) it’s usually the hippy counterculture types; such as Momentum; who advocate open borders mass immigration, while also protesting against more energy use (fracking etc) and nature destruction (city tree-felling etc).

Welcome New Alliances

They are entitled to their opinions, as I am to mine, and I’ve heard Alibiah Brown speak well against Islamism before. I’ve been pleased to see farmers and countryside types joining protests against fracking on the news recently; traditionally people on opposite sides of the animal welfare debate united in trying to protect the countryside environment.

During the greenYgrey years I seemed to provoke negativity from both sides; as well as women and men now seemingly united in protesting against institutional bullying and grooming, which was also high on the gYg agenda.

40,000 Reasons Why Team GB Should Choose Best Team

Pollution figures released yesterday showed nearly all cities and towns in Blighty at disease-causing levels, with 40,000 deaths per year attributed to it. Yet those who argue against mass immigration are treated negatively by the ‘nice leftie types’, who think politics is just making ‘nice’ decisions, spending all the money, and hoping for the best!

I was one before New Labour took Blighty to the brink of civil war and bankruptcy, inspiring the Brexit vote to leave the EU. I am worried about Blighty post-Brexit, especially for animal welfare and the environment, but Labour’s Open Britain policy just seems worse.

My Left-Wing Proof

I write this knowing that many on the right-wing would probably deport me if they could, because I’ve been critical of Blighty, and was a socialist counter-culturalist ‘enemy within’ during the 1980s and 1990s. Maybe because they think I’m a ‘J’ too!

My ideal image of a post-Brexit Blighty is of a semi-socialist environmentally aware utopia, with Cuba and Scandinavia the main inspirations. When I visited both I saw a lot of patriotism, alongside the socialism, and that’s how I think Team GB should be in the future.

I know socialism hasn’t worked a lot of the time, with Venezuela a recent example, although they have apparently faced embargos from the West?

Although I studied the Balkans in university, and the Middle-East was high on the agenda as usual, my main interest in international affairs during the 1980s was the Latin American civil wars. Although the socialists eventually gained power in countries like El Salvador, and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, apparently they were usually a disappointment. The main left-wing group in El Salvador had been the FMLN (Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front), and I posed by a poster supporting them when travelling through in 1993:

Scan_20171017 (59)

I’m in the greenYgrey middle now, but still support the ‘primero the gente’ people first slogan. I don’t follow international affairs much now, not believing I can change anything, and it’s not really my business, and doubting how much influence I can even have in Blighty, or should have; I am after all only 1 of 65,000,000, thought to be rising to 70,000,000 in the next few years.

Which means much more pollution without less immigration or more greener policies; electric cars are not set to take over until 2040, which is 23 years x 40,000 deaths or more, which is about 1 million according to a quick web calculation.

And then I hear of nice hard-working Europeans having to leave, while I.S. volunteers are welcomed back! The Yazidi sex-slaves victims of the attempted genocide wasn’t even a topic in the interview with a play-station playing I.S. volunteer.

Sexual harassment in British institutions is high on the agenda, and sexual crimes on the streets is rising, yet some want to welcome back those who were tempted to fight for an enemy of Britain that boasted of their sex-slaves rape, and that have a culture dominated by female subservience and child marriage.

If we’re going to have a limit on non-British people, needed for a country fit to live in, environmentally and socially, can Team GB’s leaders choose the right ones: such as Nepali Gurkha veterans, Asian vegetarians, European allies/non-threats and those from around the world who support our good values and morals (admitting that in the past we haven’t always acted that way, as most or all other countries and cultures haven’t).

Muddle-East: Kurds and Iraq Fight at Kirkuk. Avoiding Middle-East.

While I think those ‘Westerners’ who went to fight against I.S. were as heroic as those who went to join them were either deluded or evil, I didn’t feel like going myself, apart from supporting the Yazidis, as I thought it would morph into another war, or other Islamist groups would rise out of it.

Kurds Surrounded, Joe Robinson Arrested

That seems to have happened already, with Iraqi forces advancing on Kirkuk last week, after Kurdish people declared independence, in an oil rich part of the region. They had both been fighting against I.S. until recently defeating it in Iraq.

To the north, the Kurds’ enemy is Turkey, which is a NATO member. The newly Islamist Turkey under President Erdogan seems as complex as the Middle-East as a whole. A few months ago, British ex-soldier Joe Robinson was arrested and imprisoned there after fighting for the Kurds against I.S.

This Blog’s Dilemma

After Greece I went to the Middle-East. As my book states, I mostly had a great time, and as it was the first time I’d been outside Europe, I was often buzzing with the new sights and smells.

However, the Middle-East is such a toxic region, with many ‘Westerners’ imprisoned there, that I don’t know if I should be promoting and celebrating it. That’s one of the reasons I suspended this blog a few years ago, after I.S. attacks made travel more dangerous – while the world is full of advertising, most of it for products with a negative impact, I don’t want to feel responsible for anybody’s decision that ends up harming them.

Personally, I think it will also open me up to the ‘J’ word persecution (not Jersey!) by some in the liberal-left and far-right, who still blame ‘Js’ for all the troubles in the world.

In fact, my atheistic criticism of monotheism (which most of them don’t know the meaning of, or didn’t before I wrote about it anyway!), as well as male feminism, has probably been punished by the Harvey Weinsteins of this world – Stylist magazine’s man-of-the-year, Russell Brand, is the Hollywood star, not me!!

Men who’ve been fighting against the grooming scandal for a decade or two don’t get a look in, while the Pied Piper (releasing his Trickster Tales book of that name at the height of it – if he is a dodgy liberal establishment (Hollywood to BBC!: not everybody there, or even a majority, but they are multi-headed beasts, as academia and other corporations are!!) patsy as some claim, they must have been laughing their heads off at the ‘masses’ buying that book at the height of liberal Britain ignoring the grooming of British children. In an exhibition in Leeds I recently saw that one of the creators of Penguin publishing, Brand’s publisher, was an Asian; I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or not, and is just a coincidence as far as I know!

Even trying to provide balanced neutrality in talking and writing about the Middle-East, such as claiming the Middle-East wars were a cycle of violence, after researching it quite intensively, if reluctantly, in university; it was a side issue to my Balkans focus; drew allegations of ‘J’ bias from my liberal-left circle of friends, who were like the Momentum wing of Labour now treating Jeremy Corbyn as the new ‘J.C.’, and who have been accused of anti-Semitism.

Middle-East Then and Now 

Although there had been seemingly constant war in the Middle-East during the twentieth century, the biggest concern amongst Westerners in the late 1980s seemed to be inspired by the Midnight Express movie.

The 1978 movie told the story of Billy Hayes, and his harrowing time in Turkish prison after being arrested for possession of hash.

While I’d like to post my nice photos from the Middle-East here, I don’t know if I should, considering the situation in the region now. What do you think? I understand if you don’t want to publicly declare your thoughts; I don’t want to either really!

Like Salman Rushdie found out, the more you want to free yourself from the Muddle-East and its religions/wars, the more you’re drawn into it!!

I don’t know the ins-and-outs of the Middle-East wars, and although I specialised in international affairs in my university study, I now feel like focusing on Britain and its near neighbours/allies.

However, even that’s muddled, with Joe Robinson a hero British ex-soldier now being held captive by a NATO ally after fighting against our deadliest enemy in recent years!

Although the Syria war was horrible, and I wonder if we could have stopped I.S. earlier, I think keeping U.K. troops out of it was a good decision, and I definitely think that Parliament was right to not bomb Assad, as that would have helped I.S., prolonging their evil reign.

The fighting still going on in Syria, and growing around the Kurds, suggests there won’t be peace in the region any time soon, but I think the U.K. is right to stay as isolationist as possible, while helping those fighting against the Islamists as much as possible; and helping British people who fought against I.S. to return, such as Joe Robinson.