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Nepal Everest View Trek Photos

After an easy second day on the Nepal Jiri-Gokyo trek the third day was as hard as it looked from Kinja, with a long steep climb the only way out of the village in our direction. In the morning, after the previous day’s cloud dissipated, snow-capped mountains were visible. Mule trains passed on the hike.

Kinja to Goyom Everest View Trek

The long incline levelled off entering Sete. After lunch there, the route led upwards again, when the other direction along the valley was flat!

The path was nicely tree-lined, but emerging from cover at Dakchau it was raining. The rain kept up, so a warm fireplace at Goyom was very inviting, and that was the end of the third day. Here’s some photos:

Nepal Himalayas Photos

Nepal 034 Nepal 035 Nepal 036 Nepal 037

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