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Tighnabruaich great greenYgreyish

On the morning of our final day, we travelled west to Tighnabruaich, which is kind of pronounced tea-an’-a-brew-ish, which was apt, because the region had a lot of nice cafes etc. The island of Bute is across from the mainland town, beyond Loch Riddon in the patch of sunlight on the horizon photo and the Kyles of Bute in the green park close-up. The other photo is of a loch while travelling west.

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Sunnymoon is Over, Honeysunny Time in Loch Lomond

The sunnymoon period was over the next day, visiting Loch Lomond, but it was dry, and atmospheric. As in Norway where the narrow fjords with steep mountains are the most spectacular, I think lochs such as nearby Loch Long and Loch Awe are more picturesque in places, but Lomond is nice too, with several islands, and a visible mountain line dividing the Highlands and Lowlands going through it. As the biggest freshwater body in Britain at about twenty-four miles by five, it also has been-there-and-done-that value.

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No O Ban in Oban

As we headed farther north-west, I thought we might face questions about our human-star mixed relationship, but I was relieved to see there was no O ban in Oban, and my beloved star was able to shine as brightly as possible in the lovely coastal town facing the island of Mull across the Firth of Lorn.

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Sunnymoon Full Moon Coincidence

I didn’t know it was a Full Moon yesterday when I wrote of going on a honeymoon with the sun, calling it a sunnymoon. The first I knew of the Full Moon was when I saw it shining very brightly; with its shine a reflection of the sun.

Seeing the orca in the Clyde made me think they look like aquatic pandas, and could be derived from a common ancestor called a pandorca: originally from Majorca.

Sunny Inverary

We continued our sunnymoon in historic Argyll and Bute Loch Fyne (also a restaurant chain!) fine sunny Inverary.

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Orcas Late for Sunnymoon

I have never
written fiction
I just transcribe
musec into words.

Listening to Klaus Schulze ‘Timewind‘.
Music is derived from the ancient Greek muse: Origin Middle English: from Old French musique, via Latin from Greek mousikē (tekhnē) ‘(art) of the Muses’, from mousa ‘muse’.

After the Sun and I’s marriage at Gretna Green we travelled north on our sunnymoon. Three orcas were supposed to escort us, but they spent too long enjoying Orkney, feeling at home, so they didn’t make it to the Firth of Clyde until five days later; a day after our return journey on the Gourock-Dunoon ferry.


Orcas in the Clyde.

a bird swimming in water
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Gretna Green Sun Marriage

I returned north of the border last week on another Urquart coach holiday, about three years after the first to the Highlands. After first stopping in Skipton we then stopped over the border in Gretna Green, famous for conducting marriages for runaway couples. It was a sunny day, and a marriage had just taken place.

I didn’t see a vole there for a love anagram, but there was lots of lovely greenYgrey, and bright sun creating a Scottish flag sky!

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Scottish Highlands Coach Holiday Travel Article Published

My travel article about an Urquhart Coaches holiday to the Scottish Highlands visiting Moffat, Isle of Skye; especially Portree; Eilean Donan castle, Dornoch, John O’ Groats; seeing Orkneys; Inverness and Loch Ness has been published on Travel Thru History.

Apart from travel descriptions and local history, the main theme of the article contrasts independent travel with organised, and how they are usually undertaken by different age groups, with my middle-ageness (greenYgreyness) seeming to be the perfect place to compare the two types of travelling holiday.

Ironically, writing the article probably gave me a bit of a middle-aged crisis, partly inspiring my independent hikes around Yorkshire and Jersey this year; to see if I still had it!? It resulted in some of my longest hikes of my lifetime, and the most independent.

However, when my independently booked return ferry trip from Jersey was cancelled, due to wind and rain rather than a proper storm, I saw a woman holding an Urquhart sign, which must have been for people on one of their holidays there; and heard from another on the ferry that a tour operator had put up their holidaymakers in a nice hotel free of charge, which I presume was Urquhart.

Condor ferries refused to reimburse me for the hotel they booked for me, and told me I could claim back.

Here’s some more photos from my Urquhart Scottish Highlands Holiday:

Skye Trip

John O’ Groats trip

Inverness trip

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