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Advocating a Diet Fitness Book Kickstarter Project

While my early travels were inspired by desires for freedom and discovery, my later trips were more about sports and seeing specific places. My marathons and hiking have led me to some great places and special experiences.

Tromso Marathon Article

One of the highlights was completing the 2007 Tromso Midnight Sun Marathon amongst stupendous natural scenery in the Norwegian Arctic.

Then one of my writing career highlights was having an article about my trip and marathon published in Running Free magazine by the then editor Julia Buckley.

Fitness Diet Book

Julia was running longer distances than me then, taking part in ultra-marathons. She has since focused on getting lean and fit with her Fat Burn routines, and had her first book published last year.

The Fat Burn Revolution book was a best-seller, and Julia is now trying to self-publish her second book, with a focus on diet this time.

Julia has a kickstarter webpage trying to raise funds for it, and I’m happy to recommend her as a dedicated, experienced, friendly and honest fitness coach and writer.

Tromsdalen Valley Photos and Videos

I walked up one side of the Tromsdalen Valley. I saw some grey berries on the floor and tried them, thinking they were the cloudberries I’d read about before leaving Britain. I sat down to eat a fruit and milk lunch on the mountain top, and the cloud lifted for a little while on the other side of the valley. I saw a large bird that looked like the sea eagles we’d seen on the edge of land before sailing into open sea for whale-watching.

Tromsdalen Valley Photos

I took a couple of photos, one of me using a self-timer, and another looking back down the valley. I also took a last video, having taken two before.

Selfie before Fashionable

Looking Back Towards Tromsoyo Island

Tromsdalen Valley Videos

I also filmed three videos in the Tromsdalen Valley. The first was about half way along the path, looking back to Tromsoyo Island, and ahead to Tromsdalstinden:

The second was at the end of the valley, under Tromsdalstinden:

The third was up in the clouds:


The next day I left Tromso, but extended my Norway holiday a little by taking advantage of a half-day between flights to bus into Oslo…

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Trinidad, Cuba Photos and Travel Memories

Trinidad is a nice old colonial town on the south-west coast of Cuba, and is another UNESCO heritage site like its near neighbour Cienfuegos.

Trinidad Photos

I walked around the cobbled streets and historic buildings (first three photos), and also walked to the Playa Ancon beach (last four photos).


Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

Travel to Cienfuegos, Cuba

Thanks for continuing to visit this site in the absence of new material. Your visits inspired me to stop waiting around to visit a scanner, and to photo my photos instead. I think they produced some quite arty looking shots.

After Havana and Vinales I travelled south to Cienfuegos. These three photos I uploaded to Google are from my bus journey, when we stopped at a café rest stop.




Cienfuegos Memories

Cienfuegos reminded me of Miami, Florida with lots of colourful buildings, wide blocks of housing and malls, a baseball stadium and yacht club, and long seafront promenades. It’s centre is a UNESCO heritage site.

There were mountains to the south, along with smoke-bellowing industrial chimneys.

I saw dolphins swimming in the bay, and did a couple of scuba dives amongst big pillars of coral off Rancho Luna resort.

I sat on the seafront under clear star-filled sky, and had a few beers in bars.

I stayed at a nice flat with two loyal party members who’d done well, but also met people complaining about their poverty.

Here’s a few photos. The first one is of a statue of popular Cuban singer Benny Moré under a Che Guevara placard.

Cienfuegos Photos

101_3761 101_3762 101_3763

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

New Leeds Travel Articles

The travel25years journey back to 1987 is on hold at the moment, waiting to scan some photos; a bit like getting held up at a border, or waiting for a visa!

However, in the meantime, I’ve just had a couple of articles published on Go Nomad and TravelThruHistory about Leeds being chosen for the Tour de France Le Grande Depart on July 5th, and offering a comprehensive short guide to the Yorkshire north of England city’s history and the modern metropolis.

This is the start of the Go Nomad article:

Leeds, UK: United for Tour de France Start 101_3751

By Marc Latham

Leeds, the biggest city in Yorkshire, England, has been chosen to host the Tour de France ‘Le Grand Depart’ for the first time ever in 2014. A specially constructed media village will house over 2000 journalists reporting the start of the world’s biggest cycling road race, and the third biggest sporting event in the world. It is broadcast to 190 countries, with an audience of three billion.

Read more at http://www.gonomad.com/component/content/article/49-bicycle-tours/5531-the-tour-de-france-starts-in-leeds-england#gQUYO9VAlef75r0P.99

This is the end of the TTH article:

Tour de France Grand Departure 101_3742

Although Leeds doesn’t have beaches and mountains, it has many historical buildings and shops; as well as a renowned sporting history. It also has six prestigious Green Flag Award parks on its outskirts, and is the gateway to the Tolkien-inspiring Dales for national and international travelers.

The Tour de France cyclists, journalists and spectators are in for a treat when they visit Leeds for Le Grand Depart and travel around historic natural Yorkshire. 


Jiri to Gokyo Everest View Himalayas Trek

Paiya proved to be the end of the quiet trek, as there was a group of climbers camping there, and on the seventh day from Paiya to Phakding trekkers that had flown into Lukla joined the path to the Sagarmatha (Everest) park at Chheplung.

Paiya to Phakding Himalayas Photos

The first two photos are from Chheplung. Didn’t see any red pandas I’m afraid. The fourth is from Phakding.

After mostly cloud and rain for a week, the sky was mostly clear on the eighth morning: the morning of arrival in the Sagarmatha park, and views of the really high peaks.

The monsoon had passed, and it would be mostly clear skies for the rest of the trek, providing perfect conditions for viewing the Everest park and taking photos.

Nepal 068 Nepal 069 Nepal 070 Nepal 071

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Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, Brittany, France Photos and Info

On my penultimate day in Brittany, France I took the bus from Saint-Malo to Saint-Briac-sur-Mer. The bus went through Dinard, so I scouted my journey to the airport for the return flight, judging the best time to disembark the bus.

Saint-Briac-sur-Mer Photos

After visiting the post office I walked around to the beach. The war memorial looked over the beach, and another photo was included in the Jesus D-Day Beaches video.

Saint-Briac-sur-Mer is a nice beach resort, which was quiet on that sunny lukewarm midweek day in September. Photos 4-7 are from the grounds of Le Chateau Nessay seen at the far side of the beach in photo 3.

Wikipedia’s Saint-Briac page says the chateau was built on a 12th century castle, and was used as a prison during the French Revolution.

France2012 094 France2012 098France2012 099France2012 106France2012 103France2012 134France2012 104France2012 107

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

Trekking Mount Ulriken in Snow

On April 13th, 2013 I’d used Captain Lawrence Oates‘s famous last words from 1912 on my Greenygrey blog. Suffering from injuries, Oates walked into the Antarctic cold to try and help the rest of the Terra Nova expedition, reportedly telling them he ‘may be some time.’

On May 4th, 2013 that quote and my use of it returned to me, as I scaled Mount Ulriken and walked into thick snow and cloud. My situation was just similar enough to remind me. I cannot claim that the scale of my expedition and problems were anywhere near as massive as the Terra Nova expedition.

Mount Ulriken Videos and Photos

I’d been planning to trek some of the paths on Mount Ulriken on my last day in Bergen, and my guide book said they were well-marked, so I didn’t let the thick cloud and snow stop me.

It worked out well, and I enjoyed the couple of hours I spent in isolation. My feet were cold and wet after falling through thick snow into streams, but adrenalin and imagination fuelled my top half.

I started filming the water, and made it into a five-part Ulriken water video sequence; starting from the top like the water itself, and down to a bridge where I last sighted it.

Mount Ulriken: Before the Water
Mount Ulriken: Finding Water
Mount Ulriken: Little Waterfall
Mount Ulriken: Stronger Waterfall
Mount Ulriken: End of the Waterfall

Here’s some photos:

Mount Ulriken Snow Photos

Climbing Mount Ulriken for second time.
Runner races ahead as I climb Mount Ulriken for second time.
A lone spider on the snowbound Mount Ulriken.
A lone spider on the snowbound Mount Ulriken.
Penguin long way from home.
Penguin long way from home.
Cloud clears to reveal a cabin in 'Christmas Card' setting.
Cloud clears to reveal a cabin in ‘Christmas Card’ setting.
Route signpost.
Route signpost.
Descending from the top, finding more water and vegetation.
Descending from the top, finding more water and vegetation.

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).


Bergen’s Bryggen Unesco Site Old Docks Photos

After yesterday’s blog focused on my hike to Bergen‘s UNESCO site old docks of Bryggen, this post has lesser greenygrey photos from Bryggen. The Greenygrey blog has more photos from Bryggen; of a more greenygrey nature.

Bergen’s Bryggen Photos

On a day of sunshine and showers, the sun shone enough to get some nice photos, bringing out the bright colours of the docks buildings.

In photo 7 you can see the Floibanen funicular in the background. This is a popular tourist attraction providing transport up to Mount Floyen (320 metres) for a good view over Bergen.

The last two photos were taken the next day, as I returned from a boat-trip out to the steep-sided Osterfjord. Photos from that trip next time…

Scandinavia 076 Scandinavia 077 Scandinavia 079 Scandinavia 082 Scandinavia 084 Scandinavia 085

Scandinavia 141Scandinavia 143Greenygrey Bergen Bryggen Photos