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Bhandar, Nepal, Everest View Trek Photos

In the morning the mountain of the night before was visible. After breakfast at the friendly family-run lodge the second day was a mostly downhill trek to Kinja. The Buddhist monastery in photos 4 and 5 was in Bhandar. Sherpas carrying massive weights were always awe-inspiring.

Nepal Himalayas Jiri-Gokyo Photos

Nepal 028 Nepal 029 Nepal 030 Nepal 031 Nepal 032 porter

Jiri – Gokyo Nepal Trek Shivalaya Photos

The first day of the 100-mile Jiri-Gokyo Everest views trek was a tough three mountains rollercoaster, with lots of steep inclines and declines; I think over the highest peak in the first photo: in the left hand corner as viewed.

Nepal Trek Shivalaya Photos

Shivalaya was reached around lunchtime, and the woman in the fourth photo provided a free tea. The day’s hike ended by torchlight in Bhandar after dark. There were lots of ‘namaste’ greetings along the way. Here’s some photos:

Nepal 017 Nepal 020 Nepal 022 Nepal 023 Nepal 024 Nepal 025 Nepal 026 doorway2

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