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Scottish Highlands Coach Holiday Travel Article Published

My travel article about an Urquhart Coaches holiday to the Scottish Highlands visiting Moffat, Isle of Skye; especially Portree; Eilean Donan castle, Dornoch, John O’ Groats; seeing Orkneys; Inverness and Loch Ness has been published on Travel Thru History.

Apart from travel descriptions and local history, the main theme of the article contrasts independent travel with organised, and how they are usually undertaken by different age groups, with my middle-ageness (greenYgreyness) seeming to be the perfect place to compare the two types of travelling holiday.

Ironically, writing the article probably gave me a bit of a middle-aged crisis, partly inspiring my independent hikes around Yorkshire and Jersey this year; to see if I still had it!? It resulted in some of my longest hikes of my lifetime, and the most independent.

However, when my independently booked return ferry trip from Jersey was cancelled, due to wind and rain rather than a proper storm, I saw a woman holding an Urquhart sign, which must have been for people on one of their holidays there; and heard from another on the ferry that a tour operator had put up their holidaymakers in a nice hotel free of charge, which I presume was Urquhart.

Condor ferries refused to reimburse me for the hotel they booked for me, and told me I could claim back.

Here’s some more photos from my Urquhart Scottish Highlands Holiday:

Skye Trip

John O’ Groats trip

Inverness trip

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