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Lanzarote Photos: Famara Beach and Cliffs

I recently visited Lanzarote, and was of course paid a surprise visit by my beautiful old friend gYgPOP.

I also visited the surfers’ hamlet of Famara Beach, and later the cliffs north of it.

From the cliffs you could see Famara and the islands of Graciosa and Clara.

Graciosa has a small community and tourist facilities, while Clara is a non-human nature reserve for our feathered friends.

New Northern Lights Theory and Lanzarote Green Lake gYgPOP Sighting

The latest Sky at Night featured a possible paradigm shift in aurora theory, with a new theory addressing the question of why aurora (Northern and Southern Lights, Borealis and Australis) are visible on the dark side of our planet (at ‘night’), when the sun’s particles hit Earth’s magnetic field on the light side facing it.

New Aurora Theory

Apparently we still don’t know a lot about it, when I thought we knew everything… or nearly everything anyway!

The new theory is that the sun’s particles travel past the front of our Earth, beyond the poles where the usually appear, but then are returned to the dark side of our Earth by our magnetic field ‘strings’ snapping together, as they cannot cross and through each other, kind of like elastic bands.

The Earth’s magnetic fields apparently trail out from the dark side looking kind of like a squid, as ‘the Sun’s magnetic field compresses the near side of Earth’s magnetic field and stretches the far side.’ (just looked that up on Grant’s Chronicles):

Image result for earth magnetic field images

It’s when those magnetic field ‘strings’ trailing the dark side contract and touch each other that the particles create aurora, like live electrical wires touching together on Earth.

Sky at Night also said new types of colours had been recorded, which kind of looked gYgPOP (greenYgrey PinkyOrangePurple). They said it was found by amateurs, so I wondered if it was any of you great greenYgreyliens?

Lanzarote Green Lagoon gYgPOP Sighting

Funnily enough, a photo I recently took of the Green Lagoon Lake on Lanzarote had a gYgPOP look to it, with green and pink lines visible in the sunlight. I hadn’t noticed them before taking the photo:


The above was the third of three I took of the seaside-edge Green Lagoon Lake (colouring caused by algae). The first two didn’t have the rays:

My decade-long Greenygrey/greenYgrey ended by merging with POP (PinkyOrangePurple) two years ago, inspired by aurora colours: