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Blue Mountains Photos, Remembering Foster’s Adverts and Royal Princesses

Fair play to Mourinho, I liked his ‘truth’ interview about injuries. I’m sorry to anybody who wants me to continue ‘demonising’ him, but I thought it was a good response, and I like the way he went through several of his players. Funnily enough, that attention to detail is something that connected some of the Great Songwriters I’ve been watching recently (High Flying Birds’ Gallagher and Stereophonics’ Jones) in the Channel 4 programme, and something I think I achieved in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, after building up to it with Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps; thinking that’s what had set the great rock musicians apart, and Axl Rose’s epics in particular.

Battling for Blondes

That’s what I don’t like about Marklemania, especially the putting her above Ivanka Trump, as I read in an article this morning, saying Ivanka must want to be Meghan.

I find Markle pretty average looking, and while she has some good attributes, she’s put being a princess before her work (after posing outside Buckingham Palace a few years ago), when Cressida Bonas did the opposite; the latter decision seems a better example for women from the feminist viewpoint of which Markle is supposed to be such a champion.

Blue Mountains Parrots, Waterfall and Three Sisters

The Blue Mountains are a great day-trip from Sydney, 50 kilometres (31 miles) west, with colourful parrots easily seen in lush greenery, a waterfall and the Three Sisters mountains: reminiscent of the greenYgrey world’s Three Princesses: Kate, Cressida and Lottie; still under Queen Kate Moss.

Australia must be even more beautiful now Amber Heard is there, although they are of course recovering from the loss of Holly Valance to London. I wonder if Miss Heard decided to emigrate to Oz after seeing the Foster’s Amber Nectar adverts

For those who think I drink golden ales because of blonde women, well, lager is amber blonde anyway, so I could just drink that, as I like it too, if it was colour-defined!

Here’s my three photos from the Blue Mountains:

Scan_20171121 (8)

Scan_20171121 (9)

Scan_20171121 (15)

Australian Sunset Photos for POPolutionaries: Has Amber Heard?

I saw several stories I thought I should comment on, but then remembered I’m in the POP age now, so I should just ignore the chatter, even if Reggie Yates (will Chuku Umunna call him vile like he does Donald Trump?) and Lily Allen stories showed why I was right to criticise Russell Brand’s revolutionaries. I also watched The Riot Club recently, which I think showed the kind of revolutionary riot culture Brand stands for, and where most of his supporters come from; a kind of Marquis de Sade – Aleister Crowley do what thou wilt (rich and/or manipulative men) ethos.

If women like that then fine, but from the post-Weinstein scandal fall-out it doesn’t seem to be for most of them, although they think they have no choice at the time.

I did once joke that my L.A. metal name would be Marcy de Sad (inspired by names from bands like Guns N’ Roses, Faster Pussycat and Love/Hate), combining my name, wordplaying on Sade and incorporating my bipolarity; and I think humans should be as free as possible to do what they want, like Crowley, but without harming anything else.

My Ethical Celibacy Positive Twisted Weird Negative

In total contrast, I thought I should ask you to let Amber Heard know about this blog post, with parody comedy based on real amour (thinking Pepe Le Puy!), using the parodying Twitter viralism hashtag #hah (has amber heard), as she’s apparently in Oz now, but then thought she should know by now (Hank Melvin’s song, written by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, comes to mind; by the way, I added that Jagger was particularly greenYgreying and that ‘summer’ should be changed to ‘winter’ in yesterday’s blog post; not that I prefer winter to summer, quite the opposite in fact, and for negative-greenYgrey conspiracy theorists, Jagger is still going strong, while the Starman has unfortunately passed away, albeit at the grand old age of 70; If you don’t know me by now), and must think I’m not worthy of romance. I was thinking fondly of Cressida Bonas last week too, but guess she doesn’t think of me as a true blue!

Those types of women have always been my favourites, with early versions Debbie Harry, Brigitte Bardot and Britt Eklund. I liked ABBA’s Agnetha when I was 10 because of her face and hair, not the apparently large bum she’s got; that I hadn’t even noticed until watching recent documentaries about her.

While I’ve been concentrating on sunrises over the last decade I was more of a sunset person before, due to being more of a night-owl than an early-bird. Here’s some photos I took in Australia in 1989, showing I loved natural beauty back then too, before I met all the people from the 1990s who think they’re a big influence on me, with the first one a true Blue Peter POP (PinkyOrangePurple) one I made before:

Scan_20171121 (3)

Scan_20171121 (18)


Australia and Peru Qualify for World Cup 2018

After recent blog posts here featured photos from my travels to Australia and Peru, they became the last two qualifiers for World Cup 2018 this week. It is Peru’s first qualification since 1982. Here’s some more photos from Oz and Paddington’s home:

Oztory, Australia-History 1989: Setting for Werewolf of Oz 2012 

Air guitar on a Sunday afternoon:


Inadvertent Motley Crue impersonation, white-water rafting in Snowy Mountains:


Beach weekend north of Sydney (one featured in yesterday’s blog):


Snowy Mountains, note the Aussie green and gold socks, early evidence of chameleonising!:


Peru, 1994 Huaraz Lake in Andes Mountains

I stopped in Huaraz, Peru on the way down from the Ecuador border to Lima, and hiked to a nearby lake, after getting a bus to near it as I remember it:

Scan_20171017 (83)

Scan_20171017 (84)Scan_20171017 (85)

Scan_20171017 (86)

Australian Children and Wildlife Surviving Monotheism

In the last blog post I mentioned the book and movie Oranges and Sunshine, which told the story of the Home Children sent from Britain to elsewhere in the Commonwealth, where many had to endure tough slave labour work, as well as abuse. The same kind of poor white children and sexual abuse suffered in Britain from a new wave of monotheism in the last thirty years… as well as elsewhere in Europe.

Another PhD For Me?

I write this because I think it’s relevant, and I couldn’t in university, where important topics like this were considered politically incorrect, and irrelevant topics such as what colour a kiwi is are encouraged, as argued by a recent subject of New Lives in the Wild.

Ironically, with a little self-parody, whether a kiwi is green or yellow is relevant to the greenYgrey world colours, with only grey left out. My sunrise/sunset research declaring the colours predominantly PinkyOrangePurple (POP) rather than red could be another PhD for me, although I’ve probably only done test research so far, and would need to do much more sampling to confirm it.

Monotheism Can Be Interpreted as Nature Destroyer

Often it was at the hands of monotheistic religious institutions such as convents. Animals also suffered much more than under the indigenous pagans, who respected the Earth and animals more, as Native Americans, Native Africans, Native British and Native Europeans did. Some animals went extinct, such as the Tasmanian Tiger.

I don’t know the situation now, and hope the abuse has ended, as the Homes Children project has, and Australia is protecting its wildlife, although I did see a documentary that said many species were losing their habitat due to expanding human communities. It is still a beautiful country though, with lots of wildlife and nature to see.

Australia Wildlife Photos

I had a nice year in Australia in 1989, altogether, but there were some tough times, such as not finding much work in my first few months in Sydney, and malaria (vivax) emerging after I’d stopped taking the tablets after leaving Asia.

I saw some wildlife, including kangaroos and a dingo while passing in a car out in the bush, but didn’t get photos of them. I went to a wildlife centre in Sydney to see others I didn’t see in the wild, such as koalas:


and wombat:


I also did a dive course on the Barrier Reef in Queensland after finishing work in Sydney, and travelling up with a couple of car loads of friends, most of whom did the dive course.

Barrier Reef Diving



Ray Mears Australian Wilderness 

I was reminded of Australia recently when I saw Ray Mears was visiting Nitmiluk, which was somewhere Grey visited on its epic solo fantasy fiction trek by Google Maps told in Werewolf of Oz, and other episodes also followed Grey’s trek, such as Kakadu and Kangaroo Island.

The classic Werewolf of Oz episode featuring Nitmiluk and Kakadu, as well as Humpty Doo, is still available on the site. It of course stars a creature combining Humpty Dumpty and Scooby Doo:

humpty doo

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