Saint-Malo Beach Sunset Photos, Brittany, France

After returning from Saint-Briac-sur-Mer there was time for a swim, and a clear night promised a good sunset; with low pressure forecast for the next day. So I stayed on the beach waiting for the sun to go down. It took quite a long time, and was quite cold by the time it did.

Saint-Malo Green Light

Despite shivering and snivelling, I took some photos, and was rewarded by seeing the Green Light for the first time; the last light of the sun’s spectrum as it dipped below the horizon.

I’d thought about it during the holiday, remembering watching the French movie Le Rayon Vert (The Green Ray), which I just read on Wikipedia is also the name of a Jules Verne novel featured in the film.

Saint-Malo Beach Photos

I hadn’t been thinking about it that night though, and it caught me by surprise just after taking the last Saint-Malo sunset photo featured here.

I also took this website’s header photo that night, and some photos of course featured in the Jesus Christ D-Day Beaches video.

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France2012 132

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