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Culture Clouds Civil Wars: Pestminster Battle 4 Blighty Between Old and New Waves of Groomers

I write everything here from my memory and recent prompts, and if I haven’t edited straight afterwards, correct everything from the mistakes re-entering my consciousness. Nobody else has any input. I know I’m a victim of my own self-proclaimed genius, with the right thinking the left are helping me, and vice-versa; those in my life now thinking those from the past are helping me, and vice-versa; and probably those who are religious and devilish thinking the same.

After thinking about culture clouds yesterday after blogging, obscuring the truth from humanity, this morning I could look at the sun; I think quite safely but am not sure how safe, and please don’t follow my lead on it unless sure; because it was not bright, but was visible behind lightish grey clouds, making me add to yesterday’s thoughts, that sometimes (culture) clouds can help us see things that are otherwise out of sight.

Establishment Devil Worshippers v Counter Culture Satanists

If you believe David Icke, who thinks the World (and British) Establishment is run by devil worshippers, and group Russell Brand in with the counterculture he seems to be in, who have had Sympathy for the Devil from the Rolling Stones to The Pretty Reckless, then Brand leading the Anonymice black-clothed destructors on Westminster, now dubbed Pestminster by others, seems to be a Devilish civil war.

Being an agnostic bordering on atheism I don’t believe in any of it really, looking beyond monotheism for my universal truth. Funnily enough, so do the Freemasons apparently, as they look for inspiration more to the pre-Abrahamic-monotheistic sun-worshipping Egyptians who built the pyramids.

Beyond Humanity

Looking back at my Derren Brown Fans Alert blog post from a few days ago; I don’t know if it was more because I felt something was wrong, or that I like reading my own writing, in a self-proclaimed genius kind of way, written here with self-parody; the neutron stars combining was of course the end of the greenYgrey world (admitting my spontaneous prose stream of consciousness mistake), and I should have included an image representing the Universe Big Bang before the greenYgrey world Big Bang photo representation. Here’s three to make up for it:

The greenYgrey one:

Image result for big bang universe images

The gYgPOP (greenYgrey PinkyOrangePurple) One:

Image result for big bang universe images

The Return to Humanity One:

Image result for big bang universe space images

The above image reminded me that I once joked in a self-parody way that maybe they’d build such a statue to me one day, in one of the woods where I had my greenYgrey epiphany. I think this greenYgrey world Big Bang representation is Woodhouse Ridge in Leeds, but I also sat, hiked and ran farther along the Meanwood Valley, to the Hollies and beyond the North Circular; training for my first marathon and enjoying getting away from the city, university, civilisation and lots of people (although I knew deep down I was still one… I could pretend otherwise while running like a wolf… running from humanity psychologically… but knowing I had to return… only I would return refreshed… ready for more battles and bullshit I didn’t want!).

Scan_20171025 (5)

Around that time (birth of greenYgreyism, starting as Greenygrey) I also submerged myself in Meanwood Beck one Christmas Day morning, which was kind of the start of my greenYgrey years looking back, but I didn’t know where it was going, or how long it would last.

More Derren Brown Recall Relevance

After looking back at that Derren Brown title blog post again I also noticed that the collage was from a travel feature on Iceland, which is of course where the greenYgrey story ended.

Scan_20171025 (3)

In that recent blog post I had of course written that this wall looked like the sunrise or start of the greenYgrey world, so the Iceland relevance is the wrong way around, as it should have been on the end or sunset wall.

I watched J.K. Rowling (admirable inspiration for greenYgrey fiction correspondent G.G. Howling) have a similar experience last night in the Harry Potter: A History of Magic documentary. Funnily enough, the Freemasons were involved again, as it was thinking her Deathly Hallows symbol had been influenced by the Masonic emblem featured in the classic movie based on a Rudyard Kipling novel, The Man Who Would Be King; the story ironically (my irony) covered by Rupert Murdoch (new eco-warrior ocean rescue hero)’s  The Sun last week.

I’d also joked about that movie at the time (pre-birth-greenYgrey); joking I was the new Man Who Would Be King, but not of some far off country, but dear ol’ Blighty! Maybe the Establishment heard about it and took it seriously!!

As a little personal Freemasons footnote, a few weeks ago I had a few minutes left in the library before going to work, and inspired by recently seeing Dan Brown on television promoting his new book Origin I flicked through a biography about him, The Dan Brown Enigma I think, and one of first things I found deep in the book was the sun’s significance to the Freemasons, via the ancient Egyptians.

J.K. said she thought it stuck in her mind as she received news of her mother’s death at the time; and that sense of loss inspired such storylines in Harry Potter. I was also suffering loss at the time, but not an actual death, although I was having to mentally kill off a lot of my life at the time, and memories of a lot of my previous years.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I think I am now; as well as colder and more psychopathic; but not to the point of killing; just enough to survive in the modern world; and part of that is not to react at all, in a Nietzsche superman kind of way, or Martial Arts control, or Christian turning the other cheek.

This memoir was published as The Guns N’ Roses Worker-Traveller, and like Marc Latham’s other books is available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

Proud of Protest-anti-sm: Human World

I watched a double documentary about Martin Luther recently on the BBC, marking the 500 years anniversary of his ‘reformation’ of the church in Germany. It made me proud to be living in a Protestant country, although I don’t believe in the monotheistic god. Luther was more like the historical Jesus Christ than the wealthy and elaborate church he revolted against. I also watched the David Starkey historical documentary about it.

Luther was greenYgrey Moderate?

The programmes depicted Luther as a moderate compared to Muntzer, which is how I’ve always viewed and portrayed my writing theme: greenYgreyvolution rather than revolution.

Russell Brand seemed to be my Muntzer, a ‘revolutionary’ extremist, who the Anonymouses expected to lead them on Westminster, now dubbed Pestminster; bet the SAS were quaking in their boots!; after practises I’ve been writing about for a decade in university and work have become headline news.

Ironically, Russell ‘Pied Piper of British Grooming’ Brand will be crowned the Stylist women’s magazine man-of-the-year next weekend, above all the men who’ve been battling to save the Yazidi sex-slave-raped-tortured victims of I.S. genocide; not to mention the British and European ones of I.S. affiliates; African and Asian too.

Irish Victims of Religion

While the British liberal left, such as Brand, Corbyn and McDonnell, usually side with Irish republicans against the British establishment, the Republic of Ireland is still under the strict control of the Catholic Church, with all its illiberal dogma.

Irish women such as Sinead O’ Connor have been rebelling against that all their lives, showing that most cultures and nations have their own bad practises and rebels, in line with the old idiom that the grass looks greener on the other side, but often isn’t once you get to know them.

Sympathy for the Devils

Ironically, I had some sympathy with Russell Brand, and criticism of Sinead O’ Conner recently. When she’d sounded suicidal on social media, Brand tried to console her, and O’ Conner responded by saying maybe they should have sex!

It reminded me of George Galloway, who I also criticised a lot during the greenYgrey years. When he responded to Charles Kennedy’s death due to alcoholism by tweeting or something ‘better a drunk Charles Kennedy’ than somebody, he was lambasted on social media for being insensitive.

Far From the Madding Crowd

I watched Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd recently, and thought that the frugal faithful Gabriel Oak contrasted with the dashing lying unfaithful charmer Sergeant Francis “Frank” Troy were kind of like me and Brand, with Bathsheba Everdene representing the educated women who support and promote him; especially when she still tended his grave even after his failings and falseness were revealed.

However, I did like Troy’s faithfulness and support for poor Fanny Robin, who could be representative of the working-class girls, such as those groomed and raped by higher classes and richer immigrants over my lifetime; and perhaps forever.

Irish Rebels 

I also watched a documentary about Bobby Sands recently, and was reminded of his death in 1981, when I was 16, and he was 27. I looked like this:

Scan_20170719 (22)

27 is the ‘mythical age of rock star death’ (Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix etc), and it was a year after I’d got into heavy metal and rock in a big way, with the death of AC/DC’s Bon Scott one of the catalysts. John Lennon died the previous year to Sands, in 1980.

Sands reminded me of Scott and AC/DC, so I got quite caught up in it, feeling sorry for him, but I also saw the bomb attacks in Britain and Ireland, so the I.R.A. were still the enemy to me, as I remember it.

Argentina was too when they invaded the Falklands the next year. My main previous knowledge of them was hosting the 1978 World Cup, which I’d loved, so I found it hard to understand how a country that had created such joy, had now declared war on us.

While most Irish rebels seem to have been against the British establishment, I related to Paddy Mayne when I watched a documentary series about the S.A.S. earlier in the year, where Mayne was depicted as a great soldier who drank too much and was always getting into trouble and rebelling against the hierarchy.

I Am Rebel not Coward

While I haven’t emulated Mayne’s sporting or military achievements, I have rebelled against authority to the point of self-destruction, and primarily when I’ve felt it was the powerful’s GBH: Grooming, Bullying and Harassment.

I stopped talking to lifelong friends, and basically gave up my youthful life memories when I heard they’d betrayed me. In university, I left after thinking I was being treated unfairly, especially after I thought the reason was because the two Heads of Department considered me a love rival for their student/secretary!

Local Liars Losers (3 x 5 starting with L)

In work, some male and masculine managers seemed a mirror reflection, grooming their staff while trying to put them off me. I wasn’t looking for a relationship there anyway, with none fitting the description I publicised throughout: ‘slim, beautiful, 21-40, single, unattached, blonde or brunette’.

Without being snobby, at my age and with my education a relationship with a young relatively uneducated woman would probably not work, although like Far From A Madding Crowd‘s Troy, I still like and respect the good and intelligent among them.

Instead of being an ethical moralistic mini-martyr as I’ve tried to be, and think I have been, my double-negatives (Elon Musk’s naysayers) try to depict me as a desperate loser, who has been defeated in battles I never wanted and never fought.

The local liars depicted me as their enemy and threat when I didn’t ask to go there, and never really wanted to be there. Therefore, most people who listened to them didn’t even have the first ‘truth’ right, so got everything else wrong; as you would if your first basis for world truth is that it is flat, and the sun circles us; as humanity has thought for most of its recorded history.

Elon Musk said about critical theory: ‘Do you have the right axioms, are they relevant, and are you making the right conclusions based on those axioms?’

Amber Heard: Female Russell Brand?

Talking (writing) of Elon Musk, would I still want to go out with Amber Heard now, and would I be a hypocrite if I did, as she does seem to be a bit of a female Russell Brand.

I’m going from her relationships with Depp and Musk. I don’t know what happened with Depp, but people close to Musk said he’d broken off their romance because Heard had been manipulative. Heard has played that kind of character to the point of stereotype, such as in The Rum Diary, where I first ‘fell in love’ with her; All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and 3 Days To Kill.

There are many other movies she has starred in that I haven’t seen, so I don’t know if she also plays different characters.

While I tried to support the nice and loving women, now I think Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ video is more in line with how women need to be: strong psychology, rather than Taylor Momen’s devilish defeatism; although I hope Momsen’s doing well, and still love her look, voice and music.

However, I’d still most like a hippyish woman with a heart of gold, who likes to dress nicely, kind of like women like Cressida Bonas and Rosie Huntington-Whitely seem, but to be like that all your life you kind of need a ‘sheltered life’ away from the ‘real world’.

As all the power-GBH revelations have shown, the ‘real world’ is even there in the most respected and prestigious environments, such as academia and the media.

Marc Latham’s books are available on Amazon.

Derren Brown Fans Alert: Leeds Woodhouse Bedroom Big Bang of greenYgrey World

As the universe is said to have started with a Big Bang explosion, and is forecast to end by imploding, I found the same kind of evidence for the greenYgrey world I created online over a decade ago, and that spawned a trilogy of educative fantasy fiction travel quest parody comedy books with an animal welfare, environmental and equality message in old photos of local woods at twilight time and my bedroom wall.

PinkyOrangePurple and greenYgrey

The greenYgrey world ended with the onset of PinkyOrangePurple (POP), merging like recent evidence of two neutron stars crashing into each other in what is called a kilonova, felt through gravity waves reaching Earth

Illustration of two stars merging

Here’s the greenYgrey world version, photographed in the mid-noughties:

Scan_20171025 (5)

Building Blocks of the greenYgrey World

As life on Earth is said to have evolved from basic chemical building blocks, most of the common themes of the greenYgrey world over the past decade can be seen on my bedroom walls from that time in the mid-noughties.

This wall, which could be seen as the birth or sunrise of the greenYgrey world, features a beautiful woman on top from the FHM calendar; as Debbie Harry was the greenYgrey goddess, Kate Moss the Queen, and the final age the ABBBA one, most influenced by Agnetha; a painting of the sun I did in 2003 and a collage of sunlight through trees from the Traveller magazine, travelling inland from the sea:

Scan_20171025 (3)

This wall, which could be seen now as the end or sunset, has a Leeds United scarf (more proof of who I support, and proof against those who say I’m only pretending to be a Leeds fan for profit, privilege or cowardice!) and a running medal above a woman on a beach and Debbie Harry herself. Another woman is above an astronaut from an IMAX space film I watched. Then there’s a gYgPOP twilight scene from the Apocalypse Now movie above an Independent newspaper map of the 21st century world.

Scan_20171025 (4)

I saw these photos for the first time in years, maybe the full ten (?), while scanning the other photos, and was surprised to see how they mirrored the greenYgrey world so much, and seemed to have set the scene for it; in a Derren Brown kind of way!

In my conscious mind, I had no plans to end the greengYrey trilogy with a POP twilight times scene until studying several sunrises; and noticing they are pink, orange and purple rather than actually red; and that could be used within the XaW Files travel quest theme of searching for our Andy Warhol, Andy Wolfhol, famous for pop art.

Likewise, I had no plans to end the trilogy in Iceland when I took the XaW Files cover star photo of the sunset looking out to the west from Norway: towards Iceland!

This memoir was published as The Guns N’ Roses Worker-Traveller, and like Marc Latham’s other books is available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

Queen Kate Moss Still Reigns: Unexpected Freedom Show of Unexplained Power

As artificial intelligence technology increases, I wonder if we will one day be able to send all our thoughts into writing, as I recently saw at the Leeds Light festival music being transmitted from thoughts. It’d save me lots of time, because as Chris Packham said in his Asperger’s documentary that his thoughts cascade, mine are overflowing at the moment… with the stimulation of two mugs of coffee.

Leeds Win 3-0 Ending 3 League Games Losing Streak

After I blogged about Leeds United last week they returned to winning ways yesterday, with a 3-0 win. The first two goals were scored by the team’s current most skilful playmaker, Samu Saiz, who is reminiscent of past favourite players of mine, such as Tony Currie and John Sheridan.

With hindsight, I’d compare Peter Lorimer more to Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale in Europe, rather than Lionel Messi, who is more like Saiz and Currie; and Eddie Gray or Johnny Giles in the great Don Revie Leeds side of the 1960s/70s. I also made a couple of date typos in that post, which hopefully shows it’s coffilosophy stream of thought spontaneous prose.

AAW – Alien New Genius Theory

Waiting for the day’s football highlights, I wanted some stimulating television viewing, and The Unexplained Files (human-alien skeletons with non-human DNA and a mysterious ‘UFO?’ on the Baltic Sea floor last night) wasn’t on Quest until 9pm (the evidence contained in that documentary was meeting the above topics like a confluence, after Chris Packham’s Asperger’s documentary last week reminded me of Gary McKinnon, an Asperger’s ‘sufferer’ who hacked into the Pentagon looking for U.F.O. evidence, as I’d tried to use my university study to ‘find the truth’) but I’m going to dam it until later. As you can hopefully see, rather than looking for topics to blog, I’ve got a backlog, that needs to be categorised, otherwise I’d be here all day!

So I watched the George Michael ‘Freedom’ documentary I’d recorded on Monday night. I didn’t know the greenYgrey world’s Queen Kate Moss was involved, and her powerful introduction showed that she still reigns.

After watching the alien programme, and reading more about it today on Wikipedia (that stream of thought is still flooding the one I’m trying to stay on!) I had a new thought that is the first I know of; yes, I’m claiming it as evidence of my self-proclaimed genius!: could female beauty often being defined by women who have sharp squarish cheekbones be inspired by aliens that once walked the Earth, as told in Inca legends featured last night, and others around the world, and the skeletons with non-human DNA; as described on Wikipedia: ‘not least of which the amount of bones on the head that consisted of four in total that had sharp edges’).

Kate Moss Intro to George Michael 

I wasn’t a fan of George Michael in the 1980s. In fact, Wham were antithesis to me: a pagan warrior metaller! I’ve thought since that it might have been better to be clean and stylish and liked Wham for the women, instead of having long greasy hair most of the time, and scruffy clothes. I did watch The Clothes Show, but that was just because I was a fan of the supermodels!

Who knows, I might have ended up in Primrose Hill in 1990s with Kate and the gang. In reality I didn’t even know about PH then; or don’t remember it anyway, I probably did see about it in tabloids; and was more interested in L.A.s Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard inspired by L.A. Metal.

Ironically, while I didn’t like Wham’s music, it was also their squeaky clean image I didn’t like, and then George Michael went more leftfield and wild than the Hollywood bad boys I revered, and died a death that most of them thankfully escaped.

Watching the documentary last night (I probably wouldn’t have if he was just living a normal happy life, such as with Anselmo [inspired by my previous blog posts this week, I wondered if he looked like me, in a Cantonaesque way!?] and not died from a drugs overdose last year), I related to George Michael’s tragic-tortured artist personality, who likes a certain amount of privacy really, while creating an image to take his fans on a journey with, and wanting to be recognised as a true writer; and being disappointed by rejection and animosity from those in the ‘liberal-left’ (being politically correct) that he was trying to please. Freedom was the name of the documentary, and I really liked that song, its message, and its video.

Debbie Harry of Blondie

Anyway, before Kate Moss there was Debbie Harry of Blondie, goddess of the greenYgrey world; who had similarly striking cheekbones.

As proof of my fan love (number 197 in the Blondie fan club!) for her in the 1970s (because of her looks and voice not name), and one of the first examples I have of my original independent thinking, rather than collecting and constructing as instructed in the comics booklets featured in the last blog post, here’s an image of one of my first self-publishing projects:


Marc Latham’s books are available on Amazon.